The Hotpatterns Mamasan Apron!

Isn’t this just the cutest apron ever???    I wanted a quick little project the other day and made this up in no time.


This is one of the free downloads from and hotpatterns.  You can find it (and others) on the link here:

Here’s my finished apron.

IMG_20141228_153854 IMG_20141228_154002

The main fabric is leftover denim and the contrast is leftover from one of the aprons I made as a Christmas gift.

In the shot of me, you can see a box in the background.  That’s my new coverstitch…a Brother 2340!!!!  My Singer has just never done a coverstitch well, so I decided enough was enough.  This arrived, and so far, I haven’t seen a single missed stitch!  I used it on the apron.  Here’s a shot of the results.



I have a year end post in process…I have a little more thought to put into it while I’m hanging out in the sewing room today.   I plan to spend the day down there working on my woven tee muslins.  I have a simplicity one cut out, and then if I’m not super pleased with that, I’m going to download the scout woven tee and see what I think about that one.

Happy Sewing!

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