The woven T…or a camisole with sleeves?

I’m not sure if a woven T is the same thing as a camisole with sleeves, or even a shell, but whatever you want to call it, I’m making some! I’ve made two tests so far….

First up was Simplicity 8523 out of some stash fabric that I think I’ve outgrown.  This one has 30 reviews on PR with mixed results.

IMG_1339 IMG_1341

It looks okay, but there was something off about the shoulders.  If I went with that one, I would need to figure out that problem.   Maybe go up a size.

Next up was Grainline Studios Scout Woven T. This  one has 59 reviews, mostly positive.

IMG_1342 IMG_1343

Not bad either…the ease of putting this together is winning, though…there are no bust darts and the sleeves were a piece of cake to set in.    I’m running another test on this one today, in the next size up, but it’s not quite done yet.  This red version felt just a little tight (again) across the back shoulders.  I’m hoping the next size up is the winner.  The fabric I’m using is a rayon that feels wonderful, but it’s one of those slippery little shape shifting guys.  I’ve been using french seams to practice and I’ve got it all done except for the neck binding and sleeves.  I can see why the Scout is so popular.   Hopefully I’ll have this version done tomorrow!

Now…just a little slideshow.  I was pinning the darts on the top blue top and figured I’d show you how I do darts.  I don’t do it this way all the time, but often I do this if the fabric is slippery.

1.  First mark dart on fabric through pattern with chalk like normal.  I like to add a center leg before tracing, but forgot yesterday.  Then…put a pin in at the end upside down.  This pin stays through the process and is so you can see exactly where the dart ends while sewing.  Insert pins along the line being careful to get pins EXACTLY through the line on both sides.   This is front and back of the dart below.

IMG_20141231_104940     IMG_20141231_104951


2.  Then…put pins along the dart like normal.  Once those are all in place, remove the pins running through the marked line.

IMG_20141231_105035    IMG_20141231_105047


3.  Stitch right on line.  (Ha ha…you can see that I break the rules and sew right over my pins! )


This double pinning method is a tiny bit tedious, but I find that it works for me and gives me the best opportunity to get a mostly accurate dart (on both sides of the fabric).   I probably read this tip somewhere, but I have no idea who to give the credit to.   I have seen where people insert the pins on the line similar to what I did in step one, but then they sew and remove the pins as they come to them.  This is awkward to me, and I’d sooner take an extra minute to add more pins and remove the old ones on the line.

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to The woven T…or a camisole with sleeves?

  1. I do something similar too, it works well. I try to take out my pin as I sew, but sometimes I forget!

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