Kwik Sew 4085, Kwik Sew 2498 and New Look 6150

I’ve been busy!!  Lately, I’ve been trying to employ more time sewing, less time playing on the internet!  While the internet collectively contributes so much to everything, it’s far too easy for me to get caught up in the world of reading and not actually doing.  So here’s to doing!

First up, I finished my sisters top, Kwik Sew 4085!  Here it is on me.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I tried it on!

IMG_1401 IMG_1402 IMG_1400

Here’s the dress form shot:



I think she’s really going to like it.  In that first shot on me, I have the fronts pinned together, but I like how it looks unpinned as well.  The fabric was GORGEOUS and I have about a yard left.  I think it’d make a nice drapey cowl neck top, but I think I want to sit on it for a bit. I don’t often wear florals, so it might be better off waiting for something for her.  She has suggested that she’d kind of like a bikini in it, but a work top for her isn’t out of the question.  I’m not sure if she’ll wear KS 4085 to work or not, so a work top may be useful.  I don’t think she’d want two work tops out of the same fabric though.

For this second version, I removed part of the FBA, and I also skinnied the sleeves down to a small.  The medium sleeves were just ridiculous.  I think the graders need to reconsider how they grade sleeves in a knit top.  Regardless, it worked out well.  I was glad I had made the muslin because I was able to use some lessons learned to make construction a little easier.

Next to show is New Look 6150.  This one is also for my sister.  I recently sent her home a bunch of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and in the batch was a 6150.  She LOVES the top, but requested it slightly bigger.  The one I sent was a combination 10 going to a 14 at the hips, so for this latest one, I cut a 14 going to a 16 at the hips.  I didn’t do a FBA because I wanted to see how the pattern would fit her without adjustments.  This was made from some stash fabric, so I figured there wasn’t any harm in doing a little experimentation. 🙂  This is a GREAT pattern by the way.  I’ve made View A and View D several times so far.  I sewed little bra strap holders into the shoulder seams of this one, so I think she’ll like it for that reason alone.

IMG_1393 IMG_1395


Finally, for me, I completed another KS 2498, but this time in the basic tank top version.

IMG_1387 IMG_1391


This is to wear underneath a cream Talbots shirt that I recently bought for work.   Here’s the shirt on the Talbots site:  I had this crepe back satin in the stash forever and it was a perfect match color wise for the shirt.  I loved how simple this pattern was and how easy it went together.  KS 2498 is quickly becoming a favorite for little camis.  I made this one with the crepe side out and it just feels luxurious when worn.  I went into a local boutique a weekend or two ago and they had little silk tanks that were selling for almost $50.  This pattern would be a great place to start to duplicate one of those.   If anyone makes this top, the neckline doesn’t call for you to staystitch.  It might be a good idea to do so.  I steamed the heck out of mine and it worked out fine, but I can see where it’d be easy to run into problems.

Next up is going to be KS 3334.  I plan to make a quick muslin of it today.  I need to get some more jackets for work, and I like the simplicity of this one.


I really debated between this one and Simplicity 2229.  I really like the blue version less the flower thing and the tie in the front, but I decided to try the KS first.


Both are unlined.  I  know that an unlined jacket is much quicker to sew, but linings make them feel so much nicer.  I will work on the muslin first and then we’ll go from there.  I may draft up a lining…I know it’s not that hard.  First up is tracing off the pattern and making a muslin though!



Happy Sewing!



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One Response to Kwik Sew 4085, Kwik Sew 2498 and New Look 6150

  1. Well nice to see you doing something for yourself after taking care of your sisters! Don’t tell my sisters you sew for your’s or I will never hear the end of it! I like the Kwik Sew pattern, looking forward to seeing it.

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