Not a whole lot of sewing going on…

So about a year ago when I started this blog, I was contemplating what types of clothes to make since I was doing the RTW fast.  Someone mentioned Dressing Your Truth as a place to start.  For those unfamiliar, DYT basically matches your clothing to your energy type.  There are 4 primary energy types….so initially, I thought I was a 2…the soft woman.  That didn’t fit though, so I thought I was a 4, the stunning woman (think audrey hepburn).  That didn’t really fit either.  Then one recent night,  I was watching a DYT video and a type 3 was talking and I felt like I was watching myself and the light bulb finally came on.  I am a type three.  I know, I know…you say, how can you be sure??  Well yeah, given my history, I could see how you’d say that.  But, the 3 clothes sing to me!  Here’s someone’s pinterest that is for a type 3, so you can get an idea.

I was thinking about this print in my house and how I loved it when I first saw it and had to have it.  Seriously, I RARELY have to have anything….That has type 3-ness written all over it. (note:  I made the shirt and pants in that pic.  I always loved the shirt, it’s a jalie pattern, but I made the hips too small and it constantly rode up! )


So, yet again, I’ve switched courses…literally and figuratively.  I haven’t watched the whole type 3 course yet, but in my true to nature swift self, I went out and bought a bunch of new clothes today.  I was concentrating on some basics like pants, jackets for work and some tops.  I went to consignment stores around town and had a blast.  It was far more fun than shopping at the mall.  I found some great things….I’m sure they’ll be popping up here and there.

So, what does this have to do with sewing?  Well, it will influence what I sew….for example, I recently made the muslin of the joyful top.  The flounce on that is not really a type three look, so I doubt I’ll make one for me.  I was considering making one for my sister out of leftover fabric from her floral top.  I did recently complete a pair of yoga pants in a type three color.  I don’t have any pictures yet.  I used Peggy Sagers yoga pant pattern. This was my second time using this pattern and I should really do a review of it.  (Clearly it passes, if I made it again!) .

I also did muslin up the kwik sew jacket.  I have pictures of that….

IMG_1404IMG_1405 IMG_1406

And there’s Emmy Lou photo bombing!  This test is a small and it’s really a little too small.  I traced off the medium, but haven’t made it up yet.  I’m not sure I want this style of jacket, so I put the whole thing away for now.   I bought several jackets today, so I may move that one to the backburner for a little while.

I’m not sure what I’m going to sew next..but whatever it is will be in the right colors!

Happy sewing!

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One Response to Not a whole lot of sewing going on…

  1. Good luck to you! Sounds like you might have lots of sewing (or shopping) in your future! I do love your blue print shirt. It looks goodin you!

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