Silhouette Patterns 3400 – The yoga pant

Here the photo evidence that I really did finish these!  PR review here:


I’m thinking about what other fabrics I have that I could turn into these.  This is the type of pant that I pull on every day when I get home from work.

I’m currently contemplating what to do with my stash.  There’s a lot of fabric that I just don’t foresee myself using anytime in the near future.  I hate to just give it away because it would be nice to make some money off it, but the hassle of posting things and mailing things off is just deterring me.  Any brilliant ideas out there?

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7 Responses to Silhouette Patterns 3400 – The yoga pant

  1. sewgrandma says:

    I wish I had a brilliant idea too. I have a lot of fabric in big totes. I once heard a comment about stashing and then parting with the stash. The comment was the stashing was probably a good form of therapy. You have enjoyed it. Let someone else enjoy what you CAN part with. I too am trying to deal with the monetary part of it. Seeing a therapist would have cost money too,

    • Yes,you’re right…therapy would cost money too!!! I’ll choose that thought process!! I may pick the nicest pieces out and see if I can sell them for a few bucks on the PR classifieds. The rest may just get bagged up and donated to the DAV. They come around and do pick ups every month or so and I know they take fabric.

  2. UtaC says:

    Love these Pants…… what to do with the stash…?? Know Idea… I hear you on the deterring part of mailing.. But think of it as passing it on as well as earning should you decide to post and sell the items.. 🙂

  3. I’m all out of brilliance (it’s been a long day 😴), but I do like your yoga pants. My favourite too after a long day!

  4. What about having a fabric swap? Do you have sewing friends that might want to swap with you? I doubt that I know a sewer who doesn’t have fabric they know they’ll never use.

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