Am I crazy???

Pattern review is having a wardrobe contest and I’ve decided to join!  It starts on April 1 and you have SIX weeks to sew EIGHT items.   Your wardrobe is made up of 9 items total, the 8 you make and 1 that one can be either bought or premade.  The wardrobe consists of 4 tops, 3 bottoms and 2 sewists choice.   The choice items can be a cardi, jacket, pant, shirt, whatever.

I’m still deciding what will go in my wardobe exactly, but it’s going to be work based, heavy on the knits, and maybe with a fun jacket…all in the right colors.  I’m really looking forward to doing this and my wardrobe could use a serious kickstart.  I did participate in another contest on PR awhile ago, and it was quite fun.  I enjoy reading about what the other ladies are making and how it’s going for them.   With this much sewing in such a short time period, I probably won’t even have that much time to keep up!   I’ve started a story board, but have a long way to go with it.    At least I have a couple of weeks to plan!

I didn’t get to do any fun sewing today!  Bah….I did boring sewing.  I lengthened the hem on three pairs of work pants.  I’m getting to be a pro at using the blind hem stitch on my machine.    I never think it looks as good….but it’s passable and it sure is faster than doing them by hand! I may have to redo  them because I think they need to be just about a 1/4 to a half inch shorter…It’s so hard to tell when you’re doing it by yourself!  I figured I’d see how they work with my shoes that I’ll wear to work and then I’ll decide.

Happy Sewing!

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6 Responses to Am I crazy???

  1. jay says:

    Yes, fairly crazy. Its not just making the items, its getting the photos and reviews done that run away with the time. Good luck.

    • Jay, you crack me up! Fairly crazy is about how I feel most of the time! The last contest I was in the reviews did about do me in. I’m a pretty competitive person, but I’ve already decided that I’m in this one more for the experience than for the possibility of winning! This one is definitely about the journey. I’m sitting here trying to settle on a pant pattern tonight. I want to muslin it up before the contest starts, and I plan to just use one pant pattern, so I have to choose well!

  2. Well, if I signed up for that I would have to quit my day job! But I shall be watching for your outfits and voting for you!

  3. Nakisha says:

    Crazy? Crazy awesome! haha! Couldn’t resist.

    It’s going to be fun!!! I HIGHLY suggest writing the reviews as you make the items (you can save them as private WIPs). And then drop in photos when you get them done. Can’t wait to see your plan!

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