The Wardrobe Plan, a work in process

But…I almost have it done!!!!!!  I may swap around some of the colors, but I’m pretty set with the patterns.  I’ve made most of them before, except for the new Burda top, the mccalls top and the Burda pants.  I decided to make two cardis my sewist’s choice.  I do love a good cardi (and I have one that I bought that I could use in case I run out of time).   I do need to find some fabric for a pair of pants, but I want to shop my stash first.   Overall, I think I like it!

Almost complete wardrobe

I need to sleep on it all a day or two.  The first thing I’m probably going to do is make a muslin of the Burda pant, and I have some light green fabric that I’d like to test out the Mccalls or maybe even the Burda top.  Actually, I think it’d look really good as the Burda top.

This is fun!!!

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to The Wardrobe Plan, a work in process

  1. rosemary says:

    You’ve totally inspired me! Looks great, cant wait to see your final wardrobe.

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