Jalie 3352 – The Dolman Top

This pattern is quickly moving into my list of top favorites! You know, the ones you’d grab if the house was on fire and the family and pets were out and you still had enough time to do it and be safe.  🙂 While I haven’t physically separated those patterns yet, I will admit that I often work through the list in my mind.   Maybe someday I’ll do a post of what all is included.  Yep, I’m a sewing geek and proud of it!

Anyway, back to the top.  This is actually the third time I’ve made this pattern.  First up was a blue top that I made last summer.  It has the shorter sleeves and I really like it.  I always feel casually cool when I wear it.  A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to make a color blocked one, so I pulled scraps out of my scrap bag and put this one together.

IMG_20150228_162323 IMG_20150228_162336 IMG_20150228_162346

When I made this version, I found out the best part of this entire pattern.  The sleeves are SIMPLE to sew in .  There’s a notch at the front armhole, you line that up, and then the rest of the sleeve just fits perfectly.  No screwing around trying to ease anything.  To me, that makes this pattern worthy of inclusion on my list of top patterns.

Prior to making the last couple of lavendar items for my sister, I cut out the next top.  It’s a green burn out fabric from Needle Nooks.  I swear…the fabric companies must think we are dumb to not realize that the whole burn out craze is really a craze just because it saves them money. They use a thinner material, chemically remove some of it, and then call it burnout to get people to buy.  I think I paid maybe $5 or $6 per yard for this fabric, which is about all I’d be willing to spend on a t made out of fabric like this.  I think it’s crazy to see them in the store or $20 or more.  Anyway, it’s one more reason that I’m thankful to be able to shop at Needle Nook Fabrics…the fabric prices are really reasonable!  I think I bought just a yard, maybe a yard and a half, to make this top, so it’s enormously reasonable in my book. 🙂  Enough jibber-jabber!


I forgot to take a back view, but it has the dropped hem like the multi colored one.  The only minor change I made to the pattern was to remove just a tiny bit at center front neckline.  I just brought the center front of the pattern over and angled it off the fold of the fabric while I was cutting.  I’m sure that’s all sorts of wrong, but it’s quick and it works.  On the previous two I made, it just feels like it’s a size to big right at center front neck.  I should probably trace the size down and try it, but I like how the rest of the top fits, so I really didn’t want to mess around too much.  I’m sure this top will get worn a lot!

Not only did I sew up that shirt (it’s FAST and my coverstitch makes the hems sooooooo easy to do), but I also cut out my pants muslin for my wardrobe.  It was funny because I settled on a pattern, opened it up and then found out that I had already traced my size off.  SCORE!!!  I should get time to sew them up tomorrow out of my awesome blue bedsheet.  I’m curious to see how they fit.  If they don’t work out, I have a couple others that I’d like to try out.

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to Jalie 3352 – The Dolman Top

  1. Looks like that is quite the TNT! Glad it is working out for you.

  2. Amanda says:

    I too have reached that stage in my sewing, where I have found perfect pattern shapes for me and now only want to make them! Does that mean no more blogging because they are all the same thing!?!?!

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