Burda 7746 – Pants and Burda 6764 – Top. A tale of two tests!

In preparation for the wardrobe contest, I’ve been making some tests today!  Doing this isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do, but I’ve had enough failures to know that it’s necessary!

First up was Burda 7746, a now out of date pant pattern.


I have two of these planned in my wardrobe, because really, I don’t care about a whole lot of variety in work pants.  They need to cover what they need to cover, and they need to look good.  Beyond that, I really don’t care if they’re the exact same style or not.  Prior to Dressing My Truth, my common work pant was a black lined wool one with a cuff that I bought from Ann Taylor about 5 years ago.  I have 5 or 6 of them and would just rotate them through.  Obviously, variety isn’t high on my requirements list. I chose this particular pattern because I liked the simple styling and I have always heard that Burda pants fit really well.  I have made a few Burda pants in the past, but honestly, I wasn’t that concerned about fit, so I never paid much attention.  Times are a-changin!  So here are the photos from the test:

IMG_1592 IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_15891 IMG_15881

I’ve posted these on the PR fitting forum and am hoping that someone will chime in with some tips.  I think I need to let out the side seam just below the pocket a bit.  The widest part of my hips is lower than that of most patterns, so that doesn’t really surprise me. I also think I need to do a small crotch length adjustment on the front crotch.  There’s just a tiny bit of extra fabric there.  Other than that, I’m not sure how to improve them.  If I tried this pair of pants on in the store, I would buy them, even without the adjustments.  I was really pleased that they fit as well as they do straight from the envelope!

Next up, I did a test of Burda 6764.  This is a new knit top pattern that came out and I haven’t seen anyone review it yet.  Looking at the pattern envelope, I could tell that the front was going to be low.  I’m not really a low top type gal, so I did raise it a little bit.  Here’s the pattern and my adjustment on the front pattern piece.

IMG_20150321_142225 (1)IMG_20150321_142240 (1)

As you can see, I cut a 10 at the bust and  14 at the hips.  My bust is about 33″ right now and my hips are about 38″.  I also used the longer length.  I think it’s the perfect length for me.

IMG_20150321_140850 IMG_20150321_141133 IMG_20150321_141150

Can you imagine if I hadn’t raised it just that little bit?  It almost shows my bra as it is!  I think the sizing is spot on and I like everything about the top, but it just feels kind of casual to me.  I think it’s going to get replaced with something else in the wardrobe, however for an out and about on the weekend top, I think it’s awesome.  This fabric is a 4 way slinky knit from Needle Nook Fabrics.  It’s kind of an odd yellow/green color, but I thought it might be good to wear as a layering color under something else.

I think I’m done with tests for the day…I need to get a bunch of other things done!

Happy Sewing!

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