Burda 7746 – Muslin

I’m declaring partial victory on these pants….I’m tired of making muslins!  For the wardrobe contest, I plan to use this pattern for two pant version and I think I’ll be able to make last minute changes on the fly.  I did add about an inch going down the center front and I still need a tiny bit more added to the leg…just a tiny bit though.  I also did a hyperextended calf adjustment by putting a tuck in the upper back leg.  That worked like a charm!  I also scoooped the crotch to give my droopy butt more space.   I’m just anxious to start sewing for the contest now!  If I get time this afternoon, I want to muslin up the mccalls princes seamed tank to check the fit.  I’ve never made that pattern before.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1695 IMG_1694

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to Burda 7746 – Muslin

  1. Looking good! Looks like your pants projects are ready to go!

  2. Nakisha says:

    I think they look really good. And I think in a suiting fabric they will fall nicely. Bravo!!

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