We Interrupt the Wardrobe Sewing for a Breaking News Flash – Vogue 7837

I made up the Burda pants yesterday and I was all sad because they’re unlined.  They’re unlined because I didn’t want to 1. take the time to line them and 2.  Figure out what lining would work with the stretch.  So, I proceeded.  Then regretted it.  While I was thinking about this last night, I remembered seeing a forum thread on pattern review talking about a Pants liner…kind of like a slip…but for pants.  I had never owned one of these before, but the more I thought about it, the more brilliant it seemed.  I found the thread on PR and sure enough, people make their own…then I realized that I had Vogue 7837 in the stash and it would work perfectly!


Sewing pattern stash to the rescue!  From the smart ladies at PR, the most recommended fabric was bemberg ambiance lining.  I’ve never used that, but it said it was available at Joanns.   I had an orthodontist appointment today and had to leave work early.  I ran over to Joanns and got the lining in Blackberry!  Tonight, I’ve worked on them, and they’re almost complete.  I’m considering taking in the waist/hip area a bit before I insert the elastic, and for that, I need to sleep on it.  I’ll find some lace in the stash tomorrow and use that at the bottom.  I think these will work like a champ…and I really got enough fabric to make two pairs.  If I like them, I’ll make the second pair later, but I knew I’d  prefer to wear my new burgundy pants if I had a lining going on in them.


Hopefully I’ll have time to finish them tomorrow night!

Happy Sewing!

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4 Responses to We Interrupt the Wardrobe Sewing for a Breaking News Flash – Vogue 7837

  1. Good idea! That should be a quick sew!

  2. Laurie says:

    Very clever! I think I have this pattern as well. (Somewhere in my pattern stash!)

  3. thecaroler says:

    What a great solution!

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