New Look 6150 and Kwik Sew 3497

It’s great to be getting things done!!!  I think I like this contest so much because for the first time, I feel like I’m actually building my wardrobe rather than doing one offs!

New Look 6150 is complete!  Here are the better pictures of it.

IMG_1799 IMG_1797

The color of this fabric is just gorgeous!  I’m pretty sure this one came from Needle Nooks Fabrics.  I bought some very similar colored fabric from FabricMartFabrics, so that’s why I’m a little unsure.  Either way, it’s nice stuff!!   The formal pattern review is here:

Next up was Kwik Sew 3497.  The entire time I was making this top I was uncertain about it, but once I got it on, I love it!  It’s good when things work out like that.  When I make it again, I may add another half an inch.


I also did a little alteration work in the sewing room today.  I bought this shirt online, and when it came, it had big puffy sleeves.  YUCK.  I think puffy sleeves only ever belong on a kid under 10.  Anyway, I pulled the sleeves off awhile ago, but I needed to buy the right color thread, and I wanted to use a tank pattern to trace the armhole.  Since I had KS 3497 out,  and I had thread, I figured it was about time to finish it up.  This fabric is gorgeous and I wish I could it somewhere.  It’s a really beefy knit.


So for the wardrobe, I now have 4 items done!!  Not bad!!!  I’m pleased with my rate of sewing.  Next up will be another one of the knit tops, but I’m not certain which one.  I think I want to use green fabric though.

Here’s the storyboard in process.

Wardrobe Storyboard 4-19-15

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2 Responses to New Look 6150 and Kwik Sew 3497

  1. Looks like you’re coming along nicely! I really love your new tops–they look like great basics that will pair well with lots of other things. And the fabric on that KS tank is really cool!!

  2. Oh my! Such a big project! But you are coming along nicely! I do love the rich colour of your first top!

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