It has been crazy busy lately!!!!  My coworker is out of the office for a hysterectomy and I’ve been covering her job for her and my Dad has been visiting me for the last few weeks!  I’ve hardly had time to step foot in the sewing room, let along sew anything.   And we LEAVE FOR VACATION ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow, I think I’ll have a little bit of time to run into Needle Nook Fabrics and see if the latest Burda is available yet.  I like to make that my airplane reading material!

When I get back from vacation, I plan to work on the this height measuring thing for my niece.  It’s a burda pattern and it has a big flower at the top and you mark inches on the “stem” going up.  It’s a super cute pattern.  I thought I had a picture of it somewhere, but I can’t seem to located it now.   She just turned two at the end of April.

I considered making myself a beach cover up for vacation, but at the rate I’m going, it’s not going to happen.  Tomorrow night, I REALLY need to clean up my house and then Friday night will be packing.  C’est la Vie!  I’m sure if I look in my summer clothes, I’ll be able to find something reasonably suitable.

Happy Sewing!!

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