I’ve had it and somethings got to go…Kind of. :)

The fabric stash is so large that I can’t fit anymore in my fabric closet.  It’s been weighing me down lately.  There’s a pile of new fabric (in the DYT Type three colors that I want to sew) just sitting on my sewing table and there’s more scattered around the room and I’ve just had it! I contemplated selling some pieces, but seriously, the hassle wasn’t worth it.  I’ve thought about donating it somewhere (maybe the local high school?  I think they still have a home ec class that covers sewing.)  I’ve thought about donating it to the local ASG group.  But none of those seemed quite right, right now.  So, what am I doing??? Well, I’m removing all the non type three stuff and am putting it in plastic storage bins where it will be stored in our utility room until I decide further.  I started tonight and I have 2 bins ready to go.    Once fall rolls around, I think I’ll go through it again and see if the HS would like some of it.  That’s my preferred donation route, I think.

First world problems!

Once I have my sewing room cleaned up a little, it’s on to sewing 2 stuffed horses, and 2 stuffed elephants!  Stay tuned for further details!  🙂

Happy Sewing! (or boxing up fabric, as the case may be!)

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One Response to I’ve had it and somethings got to go…Kind of. :)

  1. I plan on sorting out my bins of fabric this weekend… I hope!

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