The Magic Continues – Pamela’s Magic Pencil Skirt

Two more are hot off the presses!

Sorry in advance for the less than stellar pics!  I was running out of time and energy today!

The first one up – Brown Bengaline:


This is the leftover wardrobe contest fabric as well, so I’m so happy to get a skirt out of it! I cut the skirt out, sewed in the darts and then realized that my fabric an in imperfection on the not quite dead center on the front!!  There was a weird line, about 4 inches long where it looked like some extra threads had gotten woven into the fabric. I WAS SOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!!  So, I decided to check at both Joanns in town.  There wasn’t any more of this anywhere.  And I didn’t even have enough fabric to cut another half and just put a seam down the front.  I REALLY wanted this skirt because it’s going to match my Morris jacket and I wanted to add it as a matching suit option.   Here’s the Morris that I’m referring to.  I can’t remember if I blogged about it or not.


Anyway, I REALLY wanted the skirt, so I did what any normal person would do (I hope.)  I turned the front panel into the back panel and I”m going to forget it’s ever there.  NO ONE should be looking at my backside that closely to even notice it.  🙂

The next skirt was from a green embossed scuba or something.  I think I picked it up on the remnant bin at Hancocks.  There was only a yard and I knew that would be just enough for a pencil skirt.


On this one, I completely cheated and used steam a seam 2 for the hem.  I LOVE that stuff.  I made several skirts when I first started sewing and used it on the hems and the hems lasted a really long time.  I’ve even passed some of those skirts to my sister and I bet the hems are still fine.   It’s one of my favorite sewing room cheats…and much quicker than blind hemming it myself (although I did blind hem the brown one and the burgundy one from the other day.)

So, for anyone keeping track, that’s three skirts from this pattern.   I’d say the pattern has probably paid for itself…but wait…there’s going to be one more in the immediate future!  I found this fabric at Joanns yesterday and LOVE it.  It’s a stretch woven, I think they called it a stretch jacquard with an awesome pattern in it.  I can’t wait to make this one up and i’ll probably cut it out tomorrow night.


I’m contemplating using the XS front, without the darts.  I don’t think darts are working well for my body, at least in the front.  In the back, they’re great, though.  we’ll see.  I’ll have to compare the sizing and then decide.  I’ve reshaped the hip curve to fit me better and I’ve added on a little extra seam allowance to my pattern just to make sure that I have enough to work with in case I need to let out.  It’s sometimes hard to know what to do since all fabrics stretch differently.   I am distinctly pear shaped…hips about 38/39″, waist about 28/29″, so I have to be careful to allow enough room at the waist to get over my hips.  The brown is the tightest, but I have a feeling the jacquard will be even tighter, so I’ll have to be careful.

Happy Sewing!!

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3 Responses to The Magic Continues – Pamela’s Magic Pencil Skirt

  1. Nice skirts… you are keeping busy I see! That jacquard sure is pretty… It will make a great 3rd skirt!

  2. Yes, very nice skirts. Isn’t it great to have a TNT pattern when you want something, but you want to know it will work!

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