The Magic Continues…Part II, Pamela’s Magic Pencil Skirt

I’ve made two more versions of this skirt.  After consultation with the ladies from the PR forums, I decided to try to take the front darts out totally.  I just folded them down and taped them over.  First up was a ponte from in the stash.  I wanted to try it out before I used my red stretch jacquard.


As you can see, the front is pretty good, but there’s some weird crazy back wrinkle there.  In hindsight, this ponte is too light for this skirt, so I’m not going to worry about those wrinkles.  I’ll wear this skirt, but it likely won’t be in high rotation. Because it is so light, I won’t likely tuck in tops because the fabric is just too thin.  On the front picture, you can see right where my tshirt is!  As a test though, I voted it ok.

Next was the red jacquard.  This fabric sewed up sooooo nicely!  I’m considering adding a little more to the stash!


I think this one turned out very nice!!  The best thing about this skirt is how quick it is!  I think the whole thing probably took me an hr and a half or two hours.  I took my time and serged the pieces.   Because these skirts are difficult to tell the front from the back, I added a little piece of ribbon on this one as a tag.   Removing the darts from the front, took away two opportunites to stich the waistband down, so on this one, I topstitched the entire waistband down…then realized that I didn’t like the look. It was puckered here and there and you could tell that here was elastic behind there.  So, my time included that add, then removal too.  : )

Overall, I really like it…I FAR prefer it made in stretch wovens than in a knit.  This size I am using is somewhere between an XS and a S.  I started with the small, then took in, then let out, so who knows exactly.  I think from the hip down it’s closer to the S and hip up closer to the XS.  I did increase the seam allowances to 5/8″  up from 1/2″ because stretch wovens are going to fit differently depending on the amount of stretch in the fabric and I wanted to have a little room there just in case.  I’ve found that I need to baste the side seams, try on, and then sew, just to account for the variations in fabric.

I’ve exhausted my supply of stretch wovens, so I’m going to put this pattern away for awhile.  I’ve made 5 skirts from it and  think it’s definitely a keeper!!  I need to write a review at PR next!

Here’s the green one in action at work the other day…Sorry for the restroom pic, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  😉


I’m not sure what I’ll sew next…perhaps some pj pants for my husband.  I picked up some fabric for him today.  🙂

Happy Sewing!

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One Response to The Magic Continues…Part II, Pamela’s Magic Pencil Skirt

  1. Looks to me like you have the fit down perfectly! The blue is a pretty colour but the red is fab!

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