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Coming soon to a blog near you…lingerie!

One of my friends is getting married soon and I was invited to her bridal shower to be held on Sunday.  Immediately, I started wondering what to get her for a gift.  I’m not really a girlie girl or good at this sort of thing, so I consulted my sister who is both.  She suggested that I make her an apron.   I went to the store the other day and bought some more of fabric that I used for this one:

IMG_20141225_103428 (1)

But wait, you say…what does this have to do with lingerie??  Well, nothing, really.  Not long after I bought the fabric, I got a text response to my voicemail RSVP ( I have no idea what Heloise would say about either of those, but so goes it in 2015.)  Anyway, in the RSVP, it mentioned that there is going to be a panty game.  You’re supposed to bring a pair of panties that will remind the bride of you when she wears them.  (As an aside, I personally think this game has ick written all over it, but again, this isn’t my thing.)  So then I got to thinking about what panties to bring.  The theme of the shower is “garden party.”  (Seriously???!!!!  I didn’t know they did things like that for a shower.)  Whatevs.  Anyway… I’m going so I’ll play along, so I decided to make her a pair of panties out of the Jalie lacies that I make for my sister over and over and over.   In fact, I knew Needle Nook Fabrics has this gorgeous stretch lace with green in it that would be perfect.

Here are some sample lacies going home to my sister as we speak.   I made them for her over the weekend with some Jocole Skinny pants shorts.  I’ll blog about those later.  I want to hear how they fit her first.

IMG_20150802_161954 IMG_20150802_161932

So…since I’m making her underwear, I thought, What the heck…why not just go whole hog and make her lingerie?  See, this post REALLY is about lingerie.  Once I decided to go there (sorry, I still think it’s kind of gross.), I decided on Kwik Sew 3167 in the lacy version.  I have always wanted to try this pattern!   I plan to make it in the same cream and green lace that the undies will be in, and if it’s super fast, she may get more then one version.  I was thinking that a black or red one would be kind of fun.  😉 She may get more than one version of the undies too.


I wanted to add a robe, so I’m going to make up Kwik Sew 2325, another pattern that I’ve always wanted to try.  At least with stretch lace and something loose like a robe I don’t have to worry about sizing too much.


So, that’s the immediate sewing plans.  Fabric is being prewashed tonight, so I hope to start tracing/cutting tomorrow night.  I don’t think any of these will take a long time to put together.  I do love a fast project!!!!

Just for eye candy, I came across this older kwik sew lingerie pattern that I bought from ebay in the last year or two.  Isn’t it gorgeous???!!!  I need to make this one for myself!!


Happy sewing!  Hopefully my next post will have some finished items in it!

PS…in case you’re wondering…I’m not going to go to the wedding because it’s out of state, but I’m definitely going to send a gift.  I”m planning to make his and her aprons. 🙂  That’s in early Sept….so lingerie first!

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  1. Fantastic lacie underthings… I too am not sure about the “so she will think about you when she wears them” panties… but hey! Whatevs 😉 ! I love the older pattern you scored on Ebay. And I look forward to seeing the final gift you make!

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