LIngerie – Kwik Sew 3167 and Kwik Sew 2325

It’s been lingerie making season here!   I had a sewing marathon (…or was a it a sprint??) last weekend to make gifts for my friends bridal shower.

Up first was Kwik Sew 2325…


I made almost everything in this pattern!!  The only one I didn’t make was the panty A because I have a Jalie pattern that’s very similar that I was using.  Here are the finished results:

First up was my muslin – I wanted to do a quick check just for size:


This is a size small. When I make a bra, I make a 32C or so.  The cups on this were just a little too big, and if I were making it for me, I’d probably use the extra small cups. For my friend though, I stuck with the small.   The band was fine though, and really, with the stretch, there is a lot of forgiveness in the band.  I made straps out of lace and they were surprisingly easy to manage.  I really like how they looked.  (Somehow, I seem to have lost this top…I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere, but I haven’t figured out what I did with it yet.)

Now for the gifts:

IMG_2502 IMG_2501  IMG_2498IMG_2499 IMG_2496 IMG_2497

I will say that these pictures do not do this stretch lace justice…it’s soooo pretty in person.  Overall, I liked every piece this pattern made.  The only thing that I would do differently is that I’d gather a coordinating piece of lace across the top back of the bottom thong.   I didn’t think of that until I was the party and saw that many panties were finished with that treatment.   Here are each of the pieces on the dressform:

IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2493

I had so much fun making these and can’t recommend this pattern enough.  And it’s still in print, so it’s easy to find!!

On Friday night, I made most of the  top, leaving the straps for Saturday morning.  So on Saturday, I finished the top, made the underwear (they were soooo fast) and then I moved to the robe from Kwik Sew 2325:

IMG_20150805_221512 IMG_2491

I was supremely pleased with how well this turned out too.  I used lace to trim the sleeves and the bottom.  At first, I had the bottom finished per the pattern with just the folded up hem, but it looked kind of lab coatish- so I decided to put lace there too. It turned out sooooo pretty!   I’m glad I added that lace at the bottom!!

It was a lot of sewing, but it was definitely a unique gift!!   If I ever need to start over in a career, I think it’d be fun to do custom lingerie.

I haven’t done any sewing today…I had to go on a work trip to Seattle this week and I’m just plumb tuckered out.  This was my first time to Seattle and I was on my own.  Overall the trip was good, and I had a great dinner with a friend who used to live in Wichita and has since moved over there, but dang, it’s tiring to travel.  Here are some pics from my hotel on the first night I was there.  I was only at this hotel one night and then moved to another hotel closer the airport, but this one was so pretty that I had to get some pictures!  These are sights from around the Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo, Washington.


This was the view out my hotel room window!!!!


Cars and trucks lined up to get on the ferry.


Ferry going over to the islands.

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6 Responses to LIngerie – Kwik Sew 3167 and Kwik Sew 2325

  1. The laces are so pretty and perfect for this project. They turned out beautifully and the robe is gorgeous!! Good idea to add that lace!

  2. Annette says:

    I really like what you did with the laces, and the robe is beautiful! TFS, Annette

  3. KayZee says:

    What a beautiful bridal shower gift! I’m sure the bride was thrilled. I’m thinking of making my future daughter-in-law some pretty pj’s and robe for her bridal shower (I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to make the undies!) and was pleased to see what fabric you used for the robe. So very, very pretty!

    • Pjs and a robe sounds delightful!!! There was a really cute burda pj pattern from a few years ago. The top was like a wrap and it always looked so cute made up! I’ll see if I can dig up the pattern number when I’m looking through my patterns tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I have that one in the stash. I always thought it’d make a great gift!

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