Hotpatterns Metropolitan Verano -1138

Yesterday was muslin day!  I made the Verano in some fabric that I’ve  been stashing for a muslin for a long time.  I was glad to use it for something finally!

IMG_2527IMG_2523 IMG_2524 IMG_2525

I’m somewhat undecided on the top.  I like the waistline twist and the fit of the V neck. There’s an awful lot of fabric from the waist to my underarms, but I think I’m ok with it.  I do think the top makes me look kind of blocky and it’s not my most flattering silhouette.  But, I am going to make one in a solid, I think, for in the wardrobe.  It’s good to mix styles up.  The ladies on the HB FB forum were really encouraging and for the most part said to finish this one and wear it.  It was really constructed as a muslin (Two different thread colors, threads still hanging everywhere, etc..)  I’m not sure if I’ll finish it or just put it aside.   I don’t like the fabric that much for some reason, so I think it may be just best to set aside.

This was a straight up size 8.  Here’s how my measurements compare to the HP ones.  I LOVE that they give you all those measurements.  I’m kind of between a 6 and an 8, with a 10 hip.  I may size down to a 6 above the waist on the next one.  The 8 fits good at my hips though.


And, I made two self-binding baby blankets yesterday!  The first one is what I consider to be a hot mess…but it’s done, and I don’t think the baby will care.  There were several errors made.  1st, my cutting templates weren’t perfectly square, 2nd, I didn’t really follow the  directions for mitering the corners and 3rd, I cut the corner excess off before I realized how bad it was!


For the 2nd one, I went out and found a different tutorial and followed it step by step.   Plus, I redid my cutting templates so they were perfectly square.  The 2nd version is much better!


I’m not even sure if I’ll give them the first version…I may cut it into burp cloths! We’ll see.  There was a lot of learning involved, but they’re fast to make!

Happy Sewing!

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3 Responses to Hotpatterns Metropolitan Verano -1138

  1. I like the style of the top… Well it would be good for me anyway. Perhaps in a solid it would be better – it would show off the twist better. How fun it must be making things for the baby! My sister was always making things, even clothes, for the babies in the family. They were small, quick projects.

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