HotPatterns 1136 – Plain and Simple Essential Shift – Muslin 1

Continuing on with hotpatterns patterns… I made a mini muslin of HP 1136, the Plain and Simple Essential Shift, the other night in a straight up size 8.  Here’s the result.

IMG_2534 IMG_2535

This top can be a dress or a top skirt, and you can do topstitching around all the seams.

I didn’t bother with the sleeve because I really wanted to make sure I was starting with the right size of bodice before I messed around with those.  As it turns out, this is a little too small for me, so I’m going to try it in a 10.  I have the 10 traced off, but haven’t had a chance to sew it up yet.  I was tracing it last night and I need to double check everything I did because I was so tired my eyes kept crossing.  I found myself on the wrong size a couple of times, so it definitely deserves a 2nd look before I start cutting!

I plan to do a forward shoulder adjustment, and possibly add a little shoulder width before I cut it out.  Hopefully I’ll have time to work on Muslin 2 tomorrow.   I have this awesome faux suede fabric that will be perfect for this top!

And, I got more fabric for my grandson to be!   Here it is…these are all from


How fun are those???  They’re all knit prints.  I plan to use them for little sleepers and things.  I also bought these patterns:

In this first one, I plan to make one or two of the swaddle thing…not sure if they’ll use it or not.  Since it’s their first, they’re not sure either!


This one is just an example of exactly how lazy I am.  I honestly, and I’m not joking here, bought it for the burp cloth pattern.  I like the rest of the stuff that came with it…but really, it’s all about the burp cloth.  I just plan to sort through the stash, find some fun stuff, put two layers together and serge around the outside.  But, I wanted the pattern for the dimensions. I’m sure I could have easily drafted it…or found one on the internet…but why?  🙂   It was 3.99 on sale at Kwik Sew, and it comes with all the other stuff and I like Kwik Sew, so it made sense to me to just buy it.  🙂


This third one is my favorite.  It cracks me up how the animals have their tongues sticking out and then there’s a pacifier on the end.  How cute is that?


I still need to put the snaps on this sleeper.


My snap order arrived last week and I haven’t taken the time yet to put them on it yet.  I might do that tomorrow. 🙂  So much sewing…so little time!

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to HotPatterns 1136 – Plain and Simple Essential Shift – Muslin 1

  1. Oh my! I just love your baby stuff, the fabrics, the patterns. So cute! So cute actually that I apologize, I forgot what I was going to say about your top!

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