Two Magic Skirts and a Jalie Twist Top

I had been working on the HP Essential Shift top and got tired of making muslins.  My muslin tolerance is relatively high, but my sewing time is limited and I prefer to be produce things I can actually wear.  So with that, I pulled out the trusted Pamela’s Patterns Magic Pencil skirt again.  Seriously…I could make this out of every stretch woven or sturdy knit I find.  I’m not sure how many I’ve made, but I do wear them all the time.

These two are very similar in color. The darker one is made out of the same fabric as one of the first I made.  I didn’t quite have the size right on it (it’s just a hair tight at the hips), so I felt a remake was in order.  This fabric is from Needle Nook Fabrics and matches my jacket in the 2nd picture almost perfectly.


Next up was a knit, just like the green knit that I’ve already used.  Here’s the knit version.


This knit has a design woven into it and I really like that effect.

Here’s the green one in action:


Continuing on with my mini wardrobe, I had this fabric that I bought and thought would coordinate nicely with the two new skirts.   I really like the trusty Jalie Twist top, so I cut it out and sewed it up today.

Here’s the finished result on the dressform.


Not bad right?!  It’s kind of a funky design, but I like the fabric and I think it would look killer with one of the solid skirts.  Sooooooo, now, let’s look at it on me.


I put it on, and all I could think was, “Where the heck did that boob smile come from????????????” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sigh….so, then I think, hmm, maybe I should get a second opinion….So I sent the pic off to my sister and asked her if she noticed anything odd.  She says something like, “You have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on your tummy. ”  I said, “??????????”  This is what I got back:


Holy Shazam, it does look like a TMNT. Here’s a link to a TMNT picture if you need a refresher.

Ughhhhh.  I don’t know if this shirt is ever going to make it out of the house!  Maybe tucked in and with a jacket over it!

Putting that comedy behind me, I’ve decided that next up is going to be something that I really need…a nice fall jacket for play in a gorgeous teal.  I’m going to use this Jalie pattern:


I’ve always liked how this pattern looks made up.  The fleece I found has kind of a hard shell side ($5/yard at Joanns!!!!). I think I may go up a size or two since my fleece has very little stretch.  I plan to trace the pattern off tonight.


In other sewing news, I found this at Barnes and Noble today!!!


I’ve always wanted to try the patterns from Ottobre but had no where to by it.  I’ve just glanced through it so far, but I’m really looking forward to trying some of them out!

Happy Sewing!!!

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One Response to Two Magic Skirts and a Jalie Twist Top

  1. Funny post on your top! I didn’t see the smile or the TMNT until you showed me…now that’s all that I can see! Don’t you just love TNT patterns.

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