Jalie 2680 – City Jacket – WIP

I’ve been working on the Jalie City Coat…so far things are going slowly, but they’re coming along!  To refresh, here’s the pattern and more of the soft shell fleece that I just used for  Jalie 2795.


Here’s my jacket so far:


My add ons are some of the things making this one go slow.  First, I decided that it needed a belt, so I made the belt and belt loops.  Next, I decided that I wanted a lining.  I spent today searching all over town and finally settled on flannel backed satin from Joanns.  It was a frustrating hunt over town to find some flannel backed satin.   If anyone else lives in Wichita, Joanns is the only place I found that carried it, so save yourself some time and just go there.

I decided to go with a brown lining, and had time to wash, dry, cut out and stitch the back together earlier.  Not bad considering that I was out and about for most of the day!  I may get it done tomorrow…we’ll see.  Usually I’m pretty busy on Sundays, but I hope to have some time to work on it.  I still need to settle on buttons…I have a few options, but wanted to get it mostly done before I really decided.  Here are my options.  I think it’ll be one of the top two.  Right now,  I kind of like the gold better than the dark brown one on top…but we’ll see.


While I was out today, I ran into Soma.  I like to snoop shop in their store because on the whole, the quality is pretty high…laces match nicely, fabric is nice, finishes are nice.  I spotted the back on this nightie and was smitten!


Isn’t that awesome????  It was the lace that was used, and then they stabilized with another lace layer behind.  First, I just thought it looked cool, but then as I looked at it I realized it would be awesome because the straps wouldn’t be sliding down your arm and getting all twisted around at night.  I definitely plan to copy this the next time I make a nightie.  Here’s the front:


It was a gorgeous item…and only $90!  Glad I can sew!

I’ve been wearing this valentine slip a lot lately as a nightie and the straps drive me crazy because they’re always falling down!  This is the perfect solution!  I think I have some scraps of this left that I may experiment on to duplicate the look.

IMG_00000323 IMG_00000322

Happy Sewing!!

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One Response to Jalie 2680 – City Jacket – WIP

  1. fabricfan says:

    Love the colour and style of your new jacket.

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