Here a cami, there a cami….

Sometimes I just want to play with lace!  I decided that I want to sew this pattern into a dress next…


I have the fabric picked out and it’s a solid ITY in Teal/peacock.  It’s a FANTASTIC color…but it’s really shirt weight and not quite as thick as I would prefer.  I started contemplating lining the dress, then decided that was silly when I could just make a slip…

So..let the cami making (aka slip testing)  begin!  I don’t have a preferred slip pattern, so I decided to look in the pattern stash to see what I had collected.  As an aside, have I told you all how much I LOVE having a pattern statsh?  Maybe someday many, many years in the future, I will have sewn most of them.  Anyway, I found this kwik sew pattern, 1066.


I bought it a year ago or so after I saw a review for it on PR.  I just loved the style.

Determining the size to make was tricky because there really wasn’t a guideline.  Looking at the pieces, it was hard to tell how it’d fit because of the shape of the cups.  I went with the smallest size.


As you can see, that’s ridiculously too small!  Ugh, I was so disappointed! I was also worried that I was going to get stuck in it, but I did make it out okay.  I had straight pinned the elastic straps in the back, so that wasn’t helping either.  I probably looked like a contortionist!

Luckily, camis are pretty quick, so I put that disappointment aside and traced off TWO sizes up. Here’s that result:


It’s much better!!!  and I really like how it looks on.  The only thing I’m not sure about is how there is some excess fabric at the bottom of the cups.

Not really being sure that I wanted to settle with that, tonight I made a version of  Vogue 7790.  I basically just used the top of the teddy (why is it called a Teddy????).  I didn’t include the center front or center back seams since I didn’t need them for a simple camisole.


I have to say that I’m just meh about this pattern.  I made up a medium and it turned out WAY too big.  I should have went at least one size smaller.  I’ve taken the bust area in by an inch on each side, but now the lace and the back don’t match up right.  I think I may just let that side seam back out and give this one to my sister.  It’s not a bad top but I do think it’s kind of boring and I like the kwik sew better.

So…The Kwik Sew is the winner of this battle of the camis!  I am debating about trying it out in the in between size to see if it takes care of that excess below my bust.  I like how it fits and I also like that it’s low in the center front so it will work better with more dresses.  I also like how you make the straps out of the elastic.  It’s a smart technique.

I hope to run into Needle Nook tomorrow to buy some more beige tricot (and maybe some pretty lace).    My slip will be a relatively boring beige since that’s most versatile, but I’ve had a blast picking out fabric and lace for these camis.

One other cami I made up was based on a Jalie pattern.  I forget the number, but it’s the one with the lacy undies.  I just wanted to test out the basic tank and I needed one in brown, so i figured it was a perfect reason to try it.


I just turned and topstitched the arms and neck.  It’s not perfect, but it’s ok.  The top was really short on me,  so I added the lace band and that works well.  This is really a rather wide stretch lace, but I just folded it over and top stitched.  Overall, its ok, and I may or may not make that tank again.

That concludes the cami show…at least for now!!

Happy Sewing!

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