Kwik Sew 1066, Continued

Continuing on with the cami fun, last night I decided to make up the middle size that I had skipped over.  It’s a WINNER!!!!

This was probably the latest night sewing that I have done in a LONG time…but I wanted to see how it would turn out, so I ignored my rule to never sew when tired and kept on stitching.   I think it was about midnight when I was done.  Just as a note…I didn’t get started till probably about 10, so I can make one of these start to finish in  just a couple of hours.

This one is a size 34.  you can see that the excess fabric below the cups is basically gone and it’s not quite pulling up so much at center front as the green one did.  My only quibble is that on this size, the upper back part is too narrow.  Here’s a comparison of the 36 vs the 34.  36 is the blue trace on the top and 34 is the green trace underneath.  In my final version, I’m going to use the width of the 36.  The 36 basically covered the back of my bra and the 34 just isn’t wide enough.


Here are the backs side by side so you can see the difference once made up.

Here are the 3 sizes side by side for a comparison on me.  (For reference…when I make a bra, I generally sew a 32C…although I have gained a few lbs and have been contemplating sewing a 32D on the next one.  The bra under these camis is KS 2101, the beige  and white lace reviewed here:   PR Review of KS 2101 .  This is my favorite bra pattern…I thought I preferred the Bravo Bella but I’ve determined that for daily wear, I just don’t like a full band bra…they’re hot..literally!.  I much prefer a partial band. ).  Anyway,I digress…here is a comparison of the three sizes on me.  In the 32, I hadn’t gotten to putting the elastic in the under bust seam, so it’s fit is a little off because of that.

For the skirt of the slip, I’m planning to basically use the shaping from the Valentine slip because it’s really nice.  In this KS pattern, the skirt is basically designed as an angled straight line down, and I prefer a little more shaping than that.  Here are some pics of the Valentine.  This version was actually for my sister, but it gives you an idea of the shaping.

IMG_4264 IMG_4261 IMG_4259

I hope to have time later to work on the slip…but I’ve got errands to run!  My husband and I are going to PA to visit my family on Monday for Thanksgiving.  It’s a very casual place and I’m planning to run to Joanns to see if I can find some more of the really nice fleece to make another top like this one:


The making of that top will bump the slip back a little bit…but really, I can do both items pretty quickly, so I hope to have time to work on both this weekend.

Happy Sewing!


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