Kwik Sew 1066 – Finished!

I had a chance to work on my slip this weekend!  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!  The nice thing about sewing for myself is that I can get the bust AND hips to fit!!!   My hips are a size or two bigger than my bust.  And I can also put the back straps more closely together so they’re not always sliding off!   I actually ended up using the size 36.  I wore the camis for some of the Thanksgiving Journey and decided that I preferred how it fit. This is exactly what I wanted…now to make some dresses to wear over top of it!  🙂

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to Kwik Sew 1066 – Finished!

  1. Haha, I always like the fit of what I sew better than RTW. Nice work on your garments!

  2. I tend to say that my garments, particularly my lingierie is far superior to what I can buy! Thanks so much for the comment, Linda!!!! I appreciate it!

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