KS 1066…again, McCAlls 7249 and Kwik Sew 3793

Lots of sewing has been going on lately!    I decided that I wanted a black slip, so I made another 1066.  This was to go under McCalls 7249. This dress is a huge winner!  I want to make another one in a different color.  This is the type of dress that I’d love to have in every color, but it’s pretty distinctive, so probably not a good idea.

Then, yesterday, I made my man part of his Christmas present…they’re boxers made out of fabric featuring a design from his favorite video game.

I went with the Kwik Sew pattern on the right above.  I was debating the Jalie pattern, but I wanted the waistband to be encased, so KS was the winner.  This fabric came from Spoonflower.  They basically print fabric on demand.  I just ordered the cotton and it’s ok.  I had some more in a different design that will be turned into pj bottoms next.   I hope to have enough of that fabric left over to make another pair of boxers.

After PJ pants, I’m going to make my sister a coat like this one, only in pink.


I have all the fabric and even buttons ready to go…I just need to get to it.  It’ll be a late Christmas present for her.

Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas!!



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2 Responses to KS 1066…again, McCAlls 7249 and Kwik Sew 3793

  1. You are going to be busy! It is a beautiful coat though!

  2. That dress turned out great! I just saw your comments, I don’t know why I missed them!

    Any who … I think you could make it in a print and it would be a totally different dress!

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