Jalie 2680

I made this coat a second time…but it’s for my sister on this go around.  She likes pink, and my local Joanns just so happened to have some of this softshell fleece in pink!  I made a size BB for her…this is a couple sizes up from what is recommended for her, but my fleece has very little stretch.  I think this is a great coat pattern…but I think i’m done with it for awhile.



The lining is a flannel backed satin from Joanns.  For the buttons, I used these ones that are white, but also have gold flowers on them.  I had a really hard time finding suitable buttons for this jacket.  Here is a close up of the buttons.



I need to mail it home to her…she looks really good in pink, so I hope this fits her well enough!

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3 Responses to Jalie 2680

  1. Fantastic looking coat- Especially love those buttons. You did a nice job and I am sure your sister will love it!

  2. I think you found the perfect buttons for your sister’s coat. It is just lovely!

  3. Leslie Hanes says:

    I’m going to be trying this pattern shortly. I will also be using a Polartec Powershield softshell (looks like what you used in the pink) in baby blue. (from Discovery Trekking)I won’t be lining it though, because the softshell has a lovely fleece moisture-wicking inner layer. I will also be putting in a zipper rather than buttons. You did a great job.

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