2015 Wrap up, and Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time, and Sewaholic Thurlows

I’m a bit behind on blog posts and I had intended each of these to be a standalone…but let’s face it…I’m better off writing less and scrunching them into one post because I have time now.  🙂   It’s early Saturday morning and I have bread rising, so I’m hanging close to the kitchen, so it’s  a good time to get caught up.

For the Wrap up…

The stars of the year are my Jalie City coat, and the Mccalls 7249 Brown Dress:

The brown dress is in the weekly rotation for work, and it’s very easy to wear.  The Jalie coat is perfect for walking the dogs or running errands when it’s 30 degrees or above. I’m actually quite pleased with just how warm that jacket is.

The other star to mention is the Magic Pencil Skirt…I’ve made so many version of this this year….my favorites are the pinkish and greenish ones below.   They’re in a thick, textured knit and are super comfortable to wear.

Honorable mentions go to the other Jalie Jacket, my beige slip, and the Jalie Sweatshirt from 2911.

I LOVE the Jalie Jacket..but it’s time for wear once I made it was pretty short lived.  I anticipate getting more wear out of it in the spring.  My quibble with it is that the soft shell fleece is very sticky…so if I have on a fleece sweathshirt, it’s difficult to pull off and on.  If I wore it with just a T, it’d be fine, so, it needs to wait for a  little warmer weather. The beige slip is pretty awesome.  I made one in black to, but for some odd reason, the black one rides up as I wear it!  I’m not sure if it needed a generous douse  of Static Guard if it was just a bad fabric combination between the slip and the dress.  I’ve had no problems with the beige one though.  The Jalie 2911, I love the color, but the fabric is cheap.  It pills easily and I need to buy one of those sweater shaver things.  I’m actually using some of the leftover fabric to make a dress now.  It’s McCalls OOP. I’ll have to grab the pattern number next time I’m down stairs.  Cutting was last night, so hopefully there will be time later today to work on it.

Back to the wrap up…somethings that just didn’t quite do it for me:


I’m highlighting all three of these here…These were all part of the wardrobe that I made for the wardrobe contest.  The green top…I forgot to do a broad shoulder adjustment on it and I see that every time I look in the mirror.  And the fabric is a very thick, heavy knit that doesn’t breathe well.  The top looks great…but I just never feel quite right wearing it. I need to make it again though b/c people always compliment it.  The purple top is just not quite right.  The color is good, but it’s just too smooth.  It needs more interest, and it works ok as a layering piece, but I still rarely wear it. I also don’t really like the boat neckline…I much prefer a v neck on me.  The blue pants with the green top are on this list too…they’re a little too small right now, so they’re not getting worn as much as I’d hoped.

Here’s the record of what I made.

2015 Sewing

I don’t have any goals or plans for 2016… just to keep sewing what I want to sew.  It’s my hobby and I like it unstressful!

On to Sew Many Dresses, Sew little time. I received a gift card over Christmas and decided to buy this book. I LOVE the concept…you can make 219 dresses from the patterns and pattern making options described in this book.  Darts and seams are all supposed to line up with each option.  I looked around the net and couldn’t find many finished items, and I don’t have finished items either, but I do have a muslin!  I made this for my sister and sent it home to her, but I did try it on first.  This was the basic skirt version with the princess seam bodice.  I think it was a size 7.


On me, it’s a little too big since it was made for my sister.  But…I wanted to try it on just to see what I thought.  The fit of it wasn’t bad, the sleeves need work for me (and my sister).  I think I should add a little to the back and raise the armhole a little.  The rest of the dress was pretty good.  This size was a little too small for my sister even though the measurements matched.  Now…the sizing could be off, or she could have gained a few lbs over Christmas.  I don’t know.  Someday, I plan to make a test version for me in the right size and see what I think.  On this muslin, the front seams where the princess seam meets the dart didn’t line up right either.  I was disappointed in that, but I didn’t go back to check the pattern to see if I had screwed up somewhere.  The patterns in the book are pretty straight forward.  I found them difficult to trace because they were printed in three varying shades of black/gray.  Three or 4 sizes were grouped in each color family. I found it difficult to distinguish between the different sizes, especially once tracing paper was laid over top. I ended up marking with sharpie dots the lines I wanted to use and that helped out a lot.  I wouldn’t let that discourage you from buying the book, just be aware! Here’s a look at the pattern sheet.You can see my dots here and there.


Overall, the concept of the book and the variations are pretty amazing.  If you like the concept, I’d buy it…but I’d highly recommend a muslin before cutting into your good fabric.

On to the Thurlows…this is a mishmash of a post, but better to get caught up and bread is on the final rise!

I decided that I needed to make another pair of pants for work.  I’ve always wanted to test the thurlow as a work pant…I have a couple of jeans made form the pattern that I love.  I used “dark peacock” wool blend that I bought from Fabic Mart earlier this year.  Here’s the end product:

I give them a “not bad.”  I haven’t worn them in to work yet.  This is probably the fifth or sixth pair of thurlows that I’ve made.  I made these per pattern using their fly application.  I’m still not enamored with it and prefer the Kwik Sew method.  On the left front, there’s an odd crotch wrinkle and that dude is coming straight from the zipper application.  I’m not sure what happened.

Once construction item to note:  I’ve seen a few places on the net where folks say the waistband as drafted is too short.  I do think it’s drafted correctly.  The waistband with the triangle part at the end doesn’t match up the whole way along the edges b/c of the triangle…but the seam line matches up.  When you get to that part, you’re sewing inside of the triangle.


And that concludes this mishmash of a post and bread is out of the oven!



Happy Sewing!






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  1. Wow! You were a busy lady! and very productive!

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