McCalls 5975 and Kwik Sew 2101

McCalls 5975 is finished!!!  I completed it a week ago or so and have worn it a couple of times so far.  It’s a winner!  Just to refresh, I wanted a simple knit dress that I could make up in lots of different colors.  I’ve bought a couple of RTW dresses in nice thick knits that I’ve really enjoyed wearing and wanted to duplicate them.  The dresses I bought have a wide boatneck, and I prefer V-necks.  Here’s one of the RTW dresses in action.  I think all are by the brand Sharagano and I found them at TJ Maxx.


I went on a hunt in the pattern stash and came across McCalls 5975.  I also have this pattern in one of the off brands, maybe See and Sew?  I guess I liked the style enough to buy two!  🙂


For my version, I used the V neck in a size 12 bust, 14 waist, 16 hips.  I think the 16 hips was probably too big because I had to significantly take in.  A 14 probably would have been fine, but I’ve gained a few lbs over the holidays so I wanted to allow extra room just in case.  Here is the finished product.

Overall, it’s great!!!  I added bra strap holders at the shoulder and reshaped/took in the hip.  I also needed to let the arms way out…I think I probably should have used the 14 sleeve.   Other than that, I loved everything about this dress.  It was easy, fast and it looks good.  On my next one, I may do a tiny tuck in the neckline.  I think that would make it fit just a bit better.  This fabric is poor, and I really only view this as a single season dress, so when I was finished it, I serged  the seams and used iron on hem tape because I just didn’t see the point in spending a lot of time doing the nice finishing.

On Sunday, I made a Kwik Sew 2101 bra.  I’ve used this pattern a lot and my old bras are quite dingy so I figured it was time for some new ones.  I’ve reviewed this pattern pretty extensively on PR Here and Here.  Those bras have all gotten alot of use.  I’ve made the Bravo Bella before and after wearing both styles, I’ve decided that I prefer the partial band of the 2101, but the full back of the bravo bella  So….I combined the two!  Oh, I like to sew and solve my problems.  My only complaint with this bra is that the shoulder straps are placed a little too far apart on my back and want to slide down.  I’ve got another one cut up and I’m going to be moving them closer to center back on that one.  Anyway, here are the pics.


Bras are surprisingly quick to sew…I think this one took about 4 hours start to finish.  I went up a cup size from the last time, and it fits great.  I could maybe reduce the back band just a bit, and I may still do that on this next one still to be sewn.  Bra sewing is so much fun.  I prefer to make these unpadded bras and slip little pads in for coverage, like those you can find at Joanns here.  Here are the insides…


I make the lower cup a double layer so that the seam can be neatly enclosed.  Other than that, I just followed the pattern.  Simple.  To make the hooks and eyes easier to sew on, I use double sided sticky tape.  It’s far better than pins in this case.  I just put some tape on both sides of the bra, put the hook on, position and then stitch.


If you’ve never tried sewing lingerie, I highly recommend it.  It’s great to be able to just head to the sewing room and make a bra that fits and is comfortable.  Beats shopping for hours in the mall and trying a bunch on, that’s for sure!!!

Happy Sewing!



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