Two Kwik Sew 2101s and a Hotpatterns Shirt Tail T

There has been lots of sewing going on!  Since my last post, I’ve completed two bras made from kits from Needle Nook Fabrics plus a muslin top from Hot Patterns.  The fabric for the bras were from these kits that I picked up a few weeks ago:


Pretty huh??!!!

First up is this beauty in turquoise.


I didn’t make any changes from the pattern beyond the last beige one.  It’s so fantastic to have a pattern that fits well. Soooooo much better than going to the mall and trying on bras.

Next up was this red lace version.

This one is so pretty…  I find the lace on the straps to be a little scratchy, so I may use some other strap solution next time when I make one like this.  For this one though, it’s ok…I love how pretty it is.    I still have one more kit to make up and it will be similar to the lace one with the lace top and bottom cup, but I will change up the straps into some other fabric.  There’s a sheer fabric as part of the lace kits, and I may use that maybe with the lace wrapped inside.  I’ll have to mess around with it and see what I like.  But it will probably be a little while b/c I think these 4 bras will do me for awhile.

After I finished the lace bra, I made  a quick muslin from the Hot Patterns Shirt Tail T pattern.   Here’s my test made out of some fabric from the stash.

and on me…


Overall, I was pleased with it.  When I make it again,  I need to add a couple of inches of length, but that’s it.  It went together super easily and I really have no complaints.  I need for the right fabric to enter my life though first.  I don’t have too many casual knits in my stash.

I think next up is going to be the Hot Patterns Slouchy Fly Front skirt.  I’ve always wanted to try that pattern and I didn’t really have anything immediate to make…so I may as well try it first.  I will make a muslin most definitely!

Happy Sewing!



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2 Responses to Two Kwik Sew 2101s and a Hotpatterns Shirt Tail T

  1. That’s a lovely coloured top. Very nice work!

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