Hot Patterns Slouchy Fly Front Skirt

Finally!!!  I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly had any sewing time, but I had a few hours to finish this skirt today. Pics first!



Here are some details:


Inside of the pockets


Vent with Hem Facing


Waistband and Zipper

Overall, I give it an OK…I’m not 100% happy with the front (it can still look a little poofy from the sides)…but realistically I will always likely have this on with a T shirt or tank  that will be untucked anyway, so no one will likely even notice (And besides that…no one should be looking at me that closely anyway!).

If I had to pick one steller aspect of this skirt, it would be the hem facing.  That turned out soooo nicely, and it add such a luxe feel to the skirt.  It’s much nicer than the normal serge and fold up. And I love how deep it is!!

I made two muslins, and maybe I should have made a third, but I wanted to just get on with it.  With this skirt, in my opinion, there is a fine line between “slouchy” and fitted. If I had removed all poofiness, I think I would have lost a certain amount of slouchiness and it would have turned into a more fitted style.  From the back view, it’s obvious that it fits…so I’m going to graciously accept a bit of poofiness in my life and love the skirt as it is.   Here’s the side poof:


I did make significant changes to the waistband….especially to get it to lay sort of level at the front. If you make this skirt, I HIGHLY suggest you make a muslin first to work out whatever issues you have with the waistband and the fit of the skirt around your hips.  I did dart out excess at the muslin stage, and then I removed some from the hip to the waist during the final fitting.  For the final fitting, I basted the fashion fabric together to see what I thought.

This is what I consider to be a play skirt for going to the farmer’s market, or running other errands on the weekend.  For that, I think it’s perfect.

Happy Sewing!


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