Hot Patterns 1198 – Fast and Fabulous Diorella

I loved this pattern from the moment it came out…v neck – check, collar interest – check, back interest- check.  This is a pattern that is designed to be made either 100% with a knit or with a woven front and a knit back and knit sleeves.   I decided to make this in a woven/knit version and as far as I can recall, it’s my first mixed media item.  I had a blast making it, despite my nightmarish woven fabric.

Here are the pics.



Overall, I think it’s awesome!   This is a size 6 with a forward shoulder adjustment and nipped in at the waist to make it a little more fitted.  The front fabric is a double layer of this chiffon type stuff from Joann’s recently.  The back is a knit from Fabricmart with a lace overlay.  The lace came from Needle Nook Fabrics.

I definitely plan to sew this again once the right combo of fabrics enters my life and I think it completely hits the mark of being Fast and Fabulous!

Happy Sewing!

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4 Responses to Hot Patterns 1198 – Fast and Fabulous Diorella

  1. Wow that is a fabulous mix of fabrics. Nice work!

  2. jay says:

    Enterprising fabric combination! I like the nightmare woven, how clever to combine it with knit and lace.

    • Jay, the nightmare woven fabric is GORGEOUS in person…and from Joanns! To me, it looks nice and high end! I do love the colors…and I still have about 2 yards left! I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for…I need to think on it.

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