HotPatterns 1144 – Deco Vibe Sarine and Kwik Sew 3924

Here’s the finished product!  (I’m going to test out some pic sizes in this, so if you prefer one over another, let me know.  Wordpress used to just make them nicely…now I have to fiddle!  First up is without fiddling at all. )



As you can see, this is the top version. For it’s first wearing, I’ve paired it with a brown skirt.  I think this is mostly how it will get worn.  I might give it a shot with some dark denim for a nice dressed up casual look, but really…life is pretty casual here!

For this version, I did the serge clear elastic and turn  for the neck finish. It’s okay, but the elastic is causing some pulling in the waistband.  For the next version, I plan to try the facing.  I also plan to try the cap sleeve style and skip the overlay.  🙂  I think it’ll be great. I still plan to make a dress from this though.  This red one is so flattering…I’d like it in several colors, but that overlay makes it pretty memorable.  I see nothing wrong with a top and a dress with the overlay, but feel that I should stop there.  The one that I plan to make without the cap sleeves is a test.  I have a feeling that it’ll be pretty…but not distinct enough that I could make it over and over again.  🙂  We’ll see.  It really is a fast item to put together.

I took a little break from clothes sewing after the Sarine and made my husband a cover for his new ebook reader.  Kwik Sew 3924 is my favorite Ereader cover, so I pulled it out again. I reviewed it previously on PR here:   PR 3924 review.  Basically I made it almost exactly per the instructions except for size adjustments and the closure.  Mine closes with a magnetic snap, but my husband wanted something more “manly.”  I stopped by the hardware store this morning and picked up a few options.  He actually wants to mix and match magnets with a super strong little circle one on the flap and with a magnetic strip, maybe an inch long on the body.  Since we’re going for manly..we plan to just gorilla glue them on.  I plan to  mess with that tomorrow.  🙂  This was fun because I made it out of scraps from the favorite video game fabric I used for his Christmas boxers and pj bottoms (He said it was the best Christmas ever! I’m so glad that he appreciates my goofy gifts.)  Anyway, here are the pics with it all done except for the magnets.


Please ignore all crooked stitching and uneven corners!!!!  The video game is about what happens after a nuclear war….so things are beat up and kind of shabby.  My cover is just part of the theme.  At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  (But I should practice those things more somewhere else so that I do it right when it does matter).Anyway, this is a GREAT ereader cover.  I will use this pattern again, no doubt.

Happy Sewing!!!!!


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2 Responses to HotPatterns 1144 – Deco Vibe Sarine and Kwik Sew 3924

  1. UtaC says:

    Great job .. pretty top.. creative case.. 🙂

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