Hot Patterns 1144 – Deco Vibe Sarine, Take 2 and Take 3

Hi…my name is Emily and I am a Sarine-aholic.

There, I admitted it.   I LOVE this pattern. 🙂

So, take one was in a rich red.


On that one, it was basically per the pattern with the kimono sleeves, but I used clear elastic on the neckline and I had added about an inch to the drapey part of the overlay.  I wanted my drape to be a little fuller.

Take two, I had just enough of this blue fabric left that I wanted to test out the cap sleeve version without the overlay.  On this version, I also raised the back neckline just a little bit more and took more width out of the back neckline. I also used the facings (fabric was just like the red and had 4 way stretch).


I really love this version.  The back fits great, and I think the cap sleeves are more flattering on my figure.

Yesterday, the dress version was complete!!  This one was made in a brown fabric with 2 way stretch.  I used the facing, the cap sleeve,  and instead of gathering the overlay, I pleated it.   The pleats are AWESOME!  I used the same width of fabric as on the red drape (so it had an extra inch or so) and I just eyeballed the pleats and put four of them there.   I LOVE how they look.

20160529_20505520160529_205121 (1)20160528_165627

Whew – I look kind of wild in that shot!   But…that’s the way it goes sometimes.   (I wish I could be one of those people that only post perfect pics…but I don’t want to invest the time or energy!  I figure it’s a sewing blog..not a fashion blog! )   I LOVE this dress.  It will match almost every suit jacket in my closet and will mesh marvelously into the work wardrobe.  Spending the time on the fitting was well worth it with this pattern.  And as a bonus, I suspect I can reuse this adjustment on most of the Hot Pattern tops.  (Hello Sunshine!  It was a favorite before, but I can’t wait to try it again.)

Just for information purposes, I had to seriously hack into the upper back on this top to make the rounded back adjustment.  Here’s my altered pattern.  The blue slashes are my adds. I think I added a total of 2 inches maybe?  I should really measure it to be sure.  Too much time hunched at a computer, I guess!

20160521_133014 (1)

For the Sarine, my only recommendations are to make sure you make a muslin and if you think you might want to change the length, it would be best to build that into your muslin and not think you’re going to decide the end and then just turn up at the bottom.  The way this is put together, you hem the front skirt and overlay and then attach them together.  Then you attach the back and hem it up using that genius flippy method where you fold the back to the right side of the front and then stitch along the seam allowance.  Sorry, I probably should have taken a pic of that, but I didn’t think about it until now.  Jalie cardigan 2566 (My favorite cardigan pattern ever!!) uses a similar technique…see #15-#17 in their instruction if you want to see what I’m talking about.  Anyway, back to to the Sarine, you could adjust the hem at the end…but you’d have to undo the hems you’ve already done for the front skirt and overlay.  I didn’t want to do that…and I liked the length.  For reference, I’m about 5′ 5 1/2″ (those are about 2.5 inch heels) and the dress hit me at just below my knee (like the pattern said it would). I think it’s a classy length, although if I had thought it through before I may have reduced it by just about 1/2″…or maybe not.  Also, not in the realm of fitting, as a construction tip, when you attach the front bottom with the drapey drape to the top bodice, you want where the bodice ends to be right where the drape ends….Here’s a blurry pic…but hopefully it’ll help you understand.  In order to make sure this worked out perfectly, I pinbasted the drape to the top of the waistband, finished the bodice, made sure they matched, then basted the drape to the top of the waistband right where I wanted it before I sewed it all together.   Because I was merging sizes (and adding extra to my drape), I needed to adjust just a little.


For the size, I made a size 6 at the bust going to an 8 for the waist down.  I had started out enlarging to a 10 at the hips in the red version, but I ended up removing most of that.  My full bust is probably about 34 right now and my hips are about 38-39″.

Next up will not be another Sarine. I need to put that pattern away for a little while.  🙂  But, I do plan to make some blazers to go over it.  I recently went shopping in Dillards and spent a ton of money to update my spring wardrobe…but I could still use a few blazers.  I’m going to muslin Burda 8279 and Kwik Sew 3558 and decide which I like best.  Right now, I like the classic look of the Burda and the Kwik Sew doesn’t have a lining, so I’m kind of leaning toward the Burda.   But…my fabric (that is being shipped from fabric mart) has stretch and I may prefer the version without the lining…so we’ll see.  🙂



First though, I’m going to try out Jalie’s new Eleonore pattern.  That’s the “jean” pattern with an enclosed stretch elastic waist.  The pattern has mostly gotten rave reviews.  I was debating making a muslin or just doing some pattern measuring at the calves and thighs and forging ahead.  🙂  My calves and thighs are usually a little bigger than what is standard for the size. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.   If that pattern works out well, I could see making several of those.   My casual pant wardrobe could use an update.

Happy Sewing!



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2 Responses to Hot Patterns 1144 – Deco Vibe Sarine, Take 2 and Take 3

  1. I love the colours you have chosen! All the garments are lovely. I’m still looking for a pull on casual pant so I’m interested to see what you end up doing.

  2. Swedishseams says:

    They look fantastic! The brown dress is especially nice! You’ve inspired me to put this on my wishlist 🙂

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