A tale of 3.5 tests

So last week I did a test of the Jalie Eleonores.  I used a ponte knit as my muslin fabric.  Overall, they need some work.  I didn’t want to take the time to get them fixed, so I just put them back in the envelope.  The biggest thing I need to fix is the calves because I have ummm…athletic ones! The hip and thigh could use a little work too.  I saw that a pear shaped person did a review of these on PR today, and when I have time to try them again, I think I may just start with her adjustments.  Mine don’t look that bad…but I know that in a stretch woven, each of the issues would be even worse.


This weekend, I’ve been working on the jacket muslins.

First up is the Hot Patterns Miss Moneypenney Prim and Proper Jacket.


There are only a few old reviews of this on PR and each one says that the sleeve needs major work.  I agree.  The muslin pics have a burda sleeve that I tried to use as a replacement.  It was still too much work to get right.  I’ve abandoned this one for now. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it.  I wanted to make a jacket with 1 button, not three. This pattern had three, so that was another thing going against it.   I could have probably figured out how to redraft it…but again, it was adding to the work.  (This is my .5 muslin because it never got the other sleeve!)

Next up was Kwik Sew 3558.


This one had a lot of things going for it.  Cute style, one button, plus it’s Kwik Sew, so easy to use.  Here are the pics.

It’s not bad.  The sizing is a little off for me. This is a straight up small, and I probably should start with an XS at shoulders/bust.  It’s good at the waist.  I think I would also have to add a little length.  The pics have the 1 inch hem allowance on them so I think it’d look short if I left it as is.   Not bad….but, I was still less than enamored with it.

Finally was Burda 8279.


I’m actually pretty pleased with this one.  I made a 10 at the bust/shoulders, 12 at the waist/hips.

This pattern is designed for shoulder pads, so I have them slipped in there.  My right shoulder pad is in better position than the left.  I think this one is the winner.  I do need to take a tiny wedge out of the front lapel so that it lays flat –  you can see in the side shot how the one side is bowing out.  I may add a bit onto the back shoulders to give me a little more reach room…but over all, I think it’s pretty good.  It doesn’t have the cuteness of the added waist seam, but it was super easy to construct and went together really quickly.  If I’m feeling ambitious, I may add that waist seam in. 🙂  There is a current burda that is similar to this, it has the waist seam, but doesn’t have the design where the front splits apart below the button.  I want that feature…and the back of it has darts instead of princess seams.  I prefer the princess seams.  Otherwise, it is likely the same jacket. It’s been a super busy weekend…but let me tell, I got jacket muslin-ing down!  I’m going to read up on my adjustments and then may make one more muslin before cutting.  Here’s the fabric that I plan to use.

20160603_194156 (1)

I stopped in a Needle Nook Fabrics yesterday and she had old Kwik Sew mugs for sale.   How awesome is this???   It made my day yesterday!

UtaC, here’s my closet!!  I realized that I had forgotten to post my pic!  I love my closet.


I basically have things arranged by the colors of the rainbow. Red is on the right, then orange, yellow/brown, green, blue, purple.  More or less.  Each section is arranged by sleeve length, so tanks are on the right, then Ts, then long sleeves.  I’m not too particular about it, but I do try to keep it mostly organized. It’s nice to know right where to go if I want to find a green T shirt! I saw this idea from someone on the internet and thought I’d try it.  Skirts are down below and dresses and full suits hang over on the left.  The whole thing isn’t super organized, but maybe someday.  The tops were most critical because I have so many of those compared to everything else.

Happy Sewing!




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  1. I like the last one too. Nice work, making those muslins!

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