Burda 8184 – Unlined Jacket

In the last post, I was testing muslins.  I decided to test one more, Burda 8184, and it’s the one that I decided to go with.  Here’s the pattern.

I liked that this was styled like a traditional blazer, just without a lining.  Since my fabric had stretch in it, I didn’t want to mess around with finding a comparable stretch lining.  An unlined jacket just seemed to be the easiest.

The pattern went together beautifully. I had some errors on the collar that resulted in it being not quite symmetrical…but I’m never still and figure people don’t generally pay that much attention anyway.  🙂  Hopefully!

It turned out bigger than I had expected.  I did make two muslins, one in 10-12, the other in 12-14.  I went with the 12-14 because that felt like it fit…but I didn’t take into account enough the stretch of my fabric. With the stretch, I think I should have made the 10-12.  Live and learn though. I considered taking it apart to redo it…but I would sooner just take the lesson and move on.  I will wear it and I think it still looks nice.

On  the dressform:

I LOVE the little back pleat.  It’s cute without being cutesy.   The button on the front is just a hair bigger than I would prefer, but it’s okay.  It was bigger than the button hole foot on my machine.  I was irritated for a bit…but then I figured I should just try the biggest buttonhole possible from my machine to see if it’d work.  It did!!!!  I was pretty happy…I know a lot of people manage to make buttonholes without the auto foot thing…but it’s soooo much easier with.

Here’s the jacket as I wore it to work one day this week:


I do have the sleeves rolled up in that pic.  Generally that’s how I wear them.  I did consider just making them 3/4 length sleeves to start with, but I like having the option to roll them down if I’m really cold.

So…lessons learned from this one:  Size down if using a stretch woven and precisely mark all of the collar markings.

Next up, I’m working on some Hot Patterns Tummy Taming Trousers. 20160619_174142

I liked the simplicity of this style.  Mine are almost done, but I need to fiddle around with the crotch curve a little more today.  I plan to get them done this afternoon.  Then after that, I’m going to try a pair of the Sewaholic workout pants.  I forget the name, but I’m excited to try them.  If all goes quickly today, I may have those done too. 🙂

Happy Sewing!







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6 Responses to Burda 8184 – Unlined Jacket

  1. sewgrandma says:

    Your jacket is really lovely. The color, texture & fit is A1.

  2. Olga says:

    Great jacket. From the picture it looks like it fits just right and the pop of color is perfect paired with that neutral dress.

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