HotPatterns Cosmopolitan Dress

Finally!!!  There were a lot of things that got in the way of me finishing this dress, but it is DONE!

For awhile, I’ve been thinking about making a teal wrap dress…but let’s be real here.  I live in Kansas.  It’s windy and wrap dresses aren’t the smartest. So then I decided to make a faux wrap dress.  As I was going through the dress stash, I remembered that I had traced off the cosmopolitan MANY years ago.












I traced it off, then read some of reviews of people having issues with hot patterns…and I put it away without making it up.  Now….my skills are much better and I know that with a few muslins and the help of nice people on the internet, I can generally tackle most problems.  I pulled it out and saw that I had traced an 8.  Given my most recent experience with a couple of other hot patterns lately, I decided to scrap that and trace off a 6.

I wanted to make the crossover version and I ultimately decided on the scarf sleeve even though I debated a lot on that one. I had this teal fabric in the stash and I had a lot of it, so I decided that it would be perfect.


I still have enough left for possibly 2 dresses. And…here’s the dress!

Overall, I’m happy with it.  I like how it turned out.  I did a serge and turn treatment on the neckline, which I’m reasonably happy with.  I topstitched the belt, but I used a zigzag so I didn’t have popped stitches all the time.  here’s a close up of the belt.


For the sleeves, I hemmed them with mitered corners as discussed on The Sewing Diva’s blog post here: worked out well, although I could use some practice doing it.  Here’s a close up of my one sleeve point.


The front was a little low (despite me raising it an inch and a half or so, so I have sewed a little tack on to keep it closed.  I’d sooner have a tack than be worked about my bra showing!  I did end up doing some pretty big alterations and adjustments on the fly at the end.  At the pattern stage, I removed a healthy dart from the center front of the crossover. Then, as I was testing the fit as I was putting it together, I realized that the center front was still too long and a droop was being created, so I removed more length there. Then, once it was all put together, I removed about 4 inches total from the waist to the underarms.   My fabric was very stretchy, so I think this contributed to so much needing to be removed.  But…all’s well that ends well.  🙂 I’m pleased with it!

I have a thick red textured knit in the stash and I was contemplating making the other version from it while I have the pattern pulled out.  This dress would go together REALLY quickly now that I’ve made one and have the pattern adjusted.  I may mess around with fitting the bodice of the scoop neck version tomorrow.  🙂

Happy Sewing!



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One Response to HotPatterns Cosmopolitan Dress

  1. mjmichey says:

    I love a wrap dress as well. I have 2 types of fabric ready to go once I get finished with my current project. As a Kansas resident, i totally feel you on that wind. I’m just going to have to choose which days I wear my dress once I have it made.

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