Simplicity 1036 – Batgirl!

My office had a Halloween contest this year, and I chose to be Batgirl!  (cue music!)


How fun is that?!  I’ve never made a costume before, so this was a fun, new experience and I really enjoyed the whole process.  I’m already thinking about what I want to be for next year’s Halloween.

Here are some pics of the different pieces.

20161024_164742        20161024_16470420161024_164725

I worked on this here and there over the course of a week or so.  One of the adjustments I made was to the cape.  I knew I wanted it to be longer.  Here’s a shot of the pattern piece as is, and one of how I adjusted it.  You can see that my fabric wasn’t wide enough for it as designed, so I also had to skinny it up a bit as well as lengthen it.  It turned out just as I envisioned it.

20161023_120544        20161023_122858

For the gloves, the pattern told you to buy a pair, slit the seam and insert the claws.  I wasn’t going to try to hunt down yellow gloves, so I looked in my pattern stash and found a few glove patterns.  3 in fact.  One was vogue, I think one was butterick and one was Kwik Sew 3404.  I looked a instructions and Kwik Sew was definitely the least fiddly, so that was the winner.   It worked out fine…but they were still fiddly to make.  I think my next pair would go much more smoothly…but I was glad that they matched the rest of my costume exactly!

If I were doing it again, the only part I’d change is that I’d skip the boot cover.  I didn’t like they looked and decided to go with just a pair of black boots that I had in my closet.  When I make costumes again, I will likely skip them all together.  I do like the bat shape at the top though.


I did change the belt up a bit.  Per the pattern, your center “buckle” was to be a yellow bat.  I didn’t feel that was vibrant enough, so I tried stitching around the outer edges with a zig zag, but that was really messy.  So then, I took a sharpie to it to fill in the border. I wasn’t happy with that either, so I decided to just make one in plain yellow the same size as the chest emblem, but to over lay it with a black bat with the smaller size that was intended for the belt.  I much preferred this look.  Here’ the side by side.  This was made entirely out of felt.  I used two layers for the cartridges so they’d stay rounded.

20161024_164725    20161029_094421

For the body, I didn’t use the pattern, but used a Kwik Sew 3052.  I don’t seem to have any photos of just the body suit, but it turned out perfectly.  I moved the zip from the front to the back.

All in all, I had a blast making this.  I didn’t win the contest (the Pope, a baseball bat, and a ghostbuster won), but that’s ok.  My costume was still awesome!

Here it is in action in the office, on the dress form, and on me at home so you can see what the boot covers looked like.

emily-batgirl-1    20161029_101110     20161027_201247

Right now, I’m in the midst of working on my next project, the Hotpatterns Fast and Fabulous Four Seasons Kimono Jacket in a mustard wool.  Mine is not so fast b/c I have chosen to underline it and use the seam binding method to finish the seams.  It’s looking great though!  I will hopefully get it done this weekend, but no guarantees.  Here’s the pattern and a teaser.

screenshot_20161015-192934      20161106_111027

Happy Sewing!!

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2 Responses to Simplicity 1036 – Batgirl!

  1. Your Batgirl costume is fabulous!!! It turned out so good… Did you finish the Kimono? I have never tried Hot Patterns but they have some cute ones. How was it?

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