Jalie 2682 X 2, a Hot Patterns Layering Tank, Vogue 9207d and some other things

I’ve been on Christmas vacation and don’t go back to work until tomorrow, so I have had sewing time!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!  It’s been so awesome!

Things I’ve gotten done:

Two Jalie 2682.  Seriously…I LOVE this top.  I went up three sizes to ensure that they’re be big enough in these thick fleeces.


I recently bought some zippered pull over tops like this from Land’s End ($14 Each!!!!!) and they’re very nice.  I think between the 2 I bought and the 2 I made, I should be set for awhile.  I also bought some vests from Lands End and they’re really, really nice too.  I’m not a huge shopper, but the next time I want clothing like that, I’m going to go there first.  My sewing room and piano are both in the basement so I spend a lot of time down there and it is a little cooler than upstairs.  I find that with a fleece and a vest, I’m comfortable!

Here’s a pic of my hubby in his Fallout Apron!  I bought this fabric from Spooflower last year and made him some things for Christmas.  I only had just enough to make him an apron…and i had to put the print on it’s side.  There wasn’t even enough leftover for a pocket!  He doesn’t care…it’s his favorite video game, after all!    This is  KS 3613 without any length adjustments.  Kevin is about 6’4″.


On to Vogue 9207!


Overall, I like it!  I should have done a forward shoulder adjustment on it though.

That brings me to the next thing…the Hot Patterns Layering Tank. I worked carefully through my fit issues and love the result I got.  I did a series of muslins  and posted on the HP Fb page.  Here are the adjustments I made:  3/8th” forward head, a 5/8th” SBA, a 1/4″ front neckline tuck and I curved the front dart out by about 3/8th”.   I love my end result!  And this goes together very quickly!


Today I plan to work on a sheath dress. I’m currently deciding between Mccalls 2401 or Burda 7137.  I want to take the fitting adjustments excluding the SBA and apply them to the pattern and see what happens.   I would love to have a fitted sheath dress…that actually fits!!

By the way, I’m also on Instagram as fabricthreadclothes. I’ve never been a big instagrammer, but I’m going to try it out and see what I think.


Happy Sewing!


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3 Responses to Jalie 2682 X 2, a Hot Patterns Layering Tank, Vogue 9207d and some other things

  1. Becky says:

    Love those Jalie’s and that HP tank especially. I’m glad that you have had sewing time! It’s so nice to be able to follow your muse. Happy New Year!

  2. rosemary says:

    Love the Jailie tops – I like the design and they look so comfortable on!

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