Hot Patterns Cote D’Azur Knit Top

Oh Hot Patterns Cote D’Azur knit top….let me count the ways in which you are spectacular!

1 .  Now that fitting is done, I can sew one up in a couple of hours (probably less time if I really rushed.)

2.  The V Neck is high enough that I don’t have to worry about any overexposure in the office.

3.  The bust gathers are flattering.  My husband even noticed that they were “enhancing.”

4.  It’s comfortable as all get out!  It has something to do with the dropped cap sleeves…heck, I’d even call it cozy…and it’s just an ITY top!

5. The length is perfect (To be fair, I added 1.5″ on for my long torso).  But it’s long enough to tuck into skirts and not have it pop out!

6.  There’s a choice of cap sleeves, a little longer than elbow length sleeves, plus a top, tunic or skirt, so tons of versatility.

7.  The V neck is EASY to sew…although it can take a few tries to get right.  Baste first, check, then stitch with regular stitches when you’re happy.

8.  The neckline lays nicely flat and perfect…with minimal effort!

Enough…here’s the pics of the two I’ve made so far.  There’s at least one or two more in my immediate future!



And on me:


For adjustments, I made what I’m quickly considering to be my norm, at least for Hot Patterns.

1/2 ” forward head

3/8″ hunchback

1/2″ tuck in front neckline

1.5″ added waist length

1/2″ swayback

.5″ SBA.

I think I have this one about spot on…these tops are fantastically comfortable.  I think this one is going to have to get stored in that special spot with my top favorite patterns!  Probably once spring rolls around I’ll make a dress version or two.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to use the short sleeve version on a could of yards I have in the the fabric collection.  Occasionally, if I see a print that I like, I’ll just buy a yard with plans to make it into a T shirt some day. I think this pattern will work phenomenally for that.

Happy Sewing!




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