Jalie 2005, Hot Patterns La Strada

First up is Jalie 2005.   This is an out of print pattern, but I think it was hugely popular back in the day.  I tried the boatneck and really, I don’t like boatnecks that much, so the shirts were seldom worn.   But this time, I wanted to give the V neck a try.  All in all, it needs some tweaking, but the fit is great.  Seriously, I love how i can basically sew a Jalie with minimal adjustments.  In fact, in this one, the only thing I think I did was add about 3 inches in length.  On the next one, I could use a smidgen more at the hips, and i need to add a little ease to the biceps.  This is a lovely, super stretchy knit from Needle Nook Fabrics.  She calls it a Milano knit.  All I know is that it’s buttery soft.   And I have it in a few more colors too! 🙂



Sorry for the chopped off head, but I took this picture first thing this morning and I looked half asleep.

With the leftovers, I tried out the Hot Pattern La Strada T that has been nicely aging in my pattern pile for a little bit.  It’s not quite done yet in these pics, but its almost there.



And on me!

20170211_134746    20170211_134757

It’s not quite done yet because once I put it on, I realized it was clinging at the hips.  I think that’s partly due to the fabric, and partly because I did a small bust adjustment and removed some of the width at the hips and forgot to re add it to the sides.  I posted for help on the Hot Patterns facebook page and got several suggestions, from steam blocking, to adding a side slit, to a godet and several said to just leave it alone.  I think tomorrow I’m going to try to insert a little godet in there.  I went through the scraps today and I do have a chunk big enough so I’m going to try it.  I had time to to do it today, but I was just done and needed a sewing break.  When I go back to it tomorrow, I’ll be nice and fresh.

Last weekend, I also made a muslin of the wrap top in the Hot Patterns Triple Torque Knit tops pattern.  I forgot to snap a pic of the pattern cover, but it has three styles of knit tops in it, one is a faux wrap, on has a big drape from the one shoulder  and one has draping at the tummy.  I liked the way the faux wrap looked, so I tested it. This is some seriously crazy fabric.  All in all, it’s a good start.  I didn’t do a small bust adjustment in that muslin, so I added it later. I also need to raise the armholes and tighten up the neck band a little bit.  I think it’s a good top, I just got side tracked.  Maybe this week I’ll get back to it.  I REALLY like how the neck band is graduated in size.  I think that looks very snazzy.  🙂


That’s all for now…work has been keeping me pretty busy so my sewing is mostly limited to the weekends right now.  Hopefully things will let up soon!

Happy Sewing!





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