Burda 7082 – An awesome work dress (or two!)

Normally when I decide what to sew, I start with a pattern.  Well, in recent times, my fabric stash has grown out of control!  I currently have fabric sitting on the floor b/c my closet is too stuffed to put it away.  So…rather than starting with a pattern, getting my heart set on it and realizing that I didn’t have the perfect fabric, I decided to start with the fabric first.  I chose this chevron fabric that I bought from Needle Nook Fabrics. 20170625_121724

Yeah, I thought it was pretty gorgeous too!    After I had the fabric picked out, I went on a pattern hunt. Ultimately, I decided on Burda 7062, but here’s some that were in the running.

To narrow the choices down, I went to Pattern Review and looked at how the dresses made up.  Ultimately I wanted one that was 1.  Work appropriate and 2.  Flattering. Burda 7082 won on both counts.  Here’s a pic of the pattern.


I really liked that this pattern had a pencil skirt and an A-line option in it.  I like an A-line…but for work I just think a pencil skirt is more professional.   For sizing, I used a 12, 14, 16 which matched my pear shape measurements.  I decided to trace off the pattern because I like to preserve them in case I want to make them for someone else. While tracing it off, I noticed that my  front straight skirt pattern piece didn’t have the dot marked on it for the gathers.  I was bummed..I mean, I could fake it but I really like to follow the pattern when I can.  Finally, I thought to look on the A line skirt piece and there it was! Yay!   My world went back on it’s axis.  🙂

Rather than making up the chevron version first, I decided to make one in a green ITY to test out the pattern as a sort of wearable muslin. I did go ahead and make a forward shoulder adjustment and a swayback.   As it was, it was pretty much perfect. After I sewed it up, I did need to remove some of the curve from the upper hip, and that’s completely common for me.  Here are the finished dresses.


I like the green dress, but I really LOVE the chevron dress.  The green one is very elegant, and there’s no doubting that it looks nice, but I just really feel like me in the Chevrons.  I’m going to keep my eye out for more awesome prints and then I think I’ll make one more (I need to shop my stash first though).

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC dress.   I feel like a million bucks wearing it (both versions).

Happy Sewing!


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5 Responses to Burda 7082 – An awesome work dress (or two!)

  1. fabricfan says:

    I love it!

  2. Both of these dresses look great on you! You really nailed it on the fit. Beautiful!!

  3. erinlouise says:

    What a gorgeous dress. Nice to see you making an incredible make out of your fabric stash. I really need to do the same I think I have about 6 crates full! Looks amazing, well done 🙂

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