Hotpatterns 1137, Riviera Summer Breeze Top

After the last two dresses were done, I didn’t have anything exactly lined up on the sewing agenda.  While browsing PR the other day, I saw someone’s review of the Summer Breeze top and it was gorgeous, so I decided to move it into next place.  I’ve had this pattern for a at least a couple of years and have always loved it, but just never got to it.  Here’s the pattern cover.  It’s a gorgeous pattern cover by the way!

20170704_173653 (1)

I started by making a couple of muslins…here’s Muslin 1.


I had started with an 8 at the bust and a 10 at the hips. I made my normal hunchback adjustment, but I didn’t mess with my HP standard FBA b/c I would have had to make it on both sides of the pattern and I just didn’t want to bother.    I figured the extra drape would be okay.  I was a little too aggressive with my hunchie, and I had gape around the front neckline that I wanted to fix.  I decided that a 2nd muslin was in order.  Here’s number 2 (This is an old bedsheet by the way!).


It was better, so I declared it good enough and carried on.

I found a gorgeous teal poly woven in the fabric closet that had just a ton of drape.  I knew that it’d be a pain the neck to work with, but with this style, you NEED a drapey fabric.  I used fusible knit stay tape to try to stabilize the arm holes, neck and shoulder seams.  As I was working through this shirt, I decided to really use it as a practice shirt for slippery woven fabric.  Here’s the list of things that I did differently on this top then I may have otherwise:

  • Used knit stay tape
  • kept the pattern pieces attached until I was ready to apply the stay tape.
  • trimmed the neckline and armholes down to an eighth inch rather than clipping in notches (this was on the recommendation of Trudy in her  Youtube Tutorial for this top)
  • Used interfacing on the hem
  • used lace as a hem tape
  • hemmed with a hand blind hem stitch.

Here’s the finished result…


And on me!


I should have had my hubby take a pic of it on me from the front too, but I forgot about it, so unfortunately you have the sewing room selfie.

All in all, it’s GREAT!  There are still one or two things that could be tweaked further, but really, I’m not a perfectionist.   Despite my careful taping, the back of my left armhole still got  a little stretched out of shape… I didn’t realize anything wacky was going on until I tried it on. The right side fits great, so I don’t think it’s a pattern adjustment that’s needed, just more careful handling.   Here are photos of the insides just because they’re so nice.


I finished the seam coming down from the shoulder with a french seam and at that point I was considering doing the whole top in french seams, but then I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to handle the keyhole feature at the back neck (and I wanted that) and I wanted to leave my options open at the side seam in case I needed to let them out a smidge at the hip (I didn’t). So there’s on seam finished with a french seam, and the rest are serged.  I wanted to try the blind stitch with the lace because I’ve always just wanted to try that.  On the green burda dress that I just made, I was considering doing something like this but then didn’t want to take the time to figure it out. I think on a knit, I would be able to do this same sort of thing but with a stretch lace.   I tend to have a lot of laces lying around and I think this is a really pretty way to use them.

For the back button, I used a silver button that I painted with gold nail polish.  Here’s a close up of that.


I think it’s really pretty and I prefer the gold over silver…here are the two side by side:


The sliver was pretty, but I just thought that it was a little too blingy for me.  I like the gold better and it will work better with the rest of my wardrobe.

And here’s a detail short of the close trimming that I did.  All in all, this worked out very well and was easier than cutting a bunch of notches all over.  It turned more smoothly too.


And one other detail photo…I did stitch the top of the pleat down a couple of inches.  I thought that would help it fall nicely. I was trying to show that in the pic below.


All in all, I LOVE this top.  It’s gorgeous.  Mostly I’ll wear it to work, but I really need some sort of classy thing to wear it to because that’s what it deserves!

I’m not sure what is next on the sewing agenda…I may pick out a fabric and figure out what to make with it….

In other news…I got some of these!  They make me ridiculously happy!20170703_201918

Aren’t they awesome?!  I discovered a couple of months ago that I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve cut WAY back on the dairy…that means….NO ICE CREAM.  😦  It’s been horrible.  But…with these little whizbang things, I can try all sorts of nondairy concoctions with minimal work.  I made a fudgesicle this morning and they turned out great.  It was just coconut milk, cocoa, honey and a bit of salt.  Easy and FAST…my type of food!  Our peach tree is producing peaches right now,  so I think a peaches and creamsicle will be next up.

Happy Sewing!


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One Response to Hotpatterns 1137, Riviera Summer Breeze Top

  1. This is the coolest pattern! I’ve never heard of this brand before. Do you remember where you got this pattern? I love the two blouses that you made – they are really beautiful and great for work. I love how you painted the button gold, too. It looks so good against the green fabric. I was reading one of your other posts called A Sad Lament & a Muslin and I can relate to fabric stores closing. I just moved to the West coast from Alexandria, Virginia, and I see you moved to Kansas from Maryland. Did you know that G Street went out of business, at least the one in Falls Church, VA did. I’m not sure about the one up in Rockville, MD (I think that is where it is/was). I’m glad you have more fabric store choices in Wichita! Thanks for sharing this pattern and your blouses! Also the popsicles – fudgesicles sound so good!

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