HotPatterns SuperFantastic Top, Cashmerette Appleton and a New Look 6415

It’s catch up time!!!


I made a Hot Patterns Superfantastic top for my mom!  It did turn out Superfantastically!  I used abalone buttons on it.  She lives in PA, so I mailed a muslin home to her so I could see the fit adjustments that needed to be made. She has a shindig coming up and she wanted something new.


Since I was mailing things home, I made my sis a Cashmerette Appleton.   It’s super cute!  I also made her a slip, but I forgot to get a pic of it before it was mailed!


Here is the dress on me.  This was made in the smallest size with the smallest cup, I think a 12C for a 40, 30, 32″ figure.   I”m about a 34 bust, 29 waist and 39 hip.  I think it fits me pretty well and I’d totally wear it if it was in my colors.  If I made it again, I’d probably figure out a way to extend the front flap over a little more.  It was ok, but I’d prefer a little more coverage when seated.


For me, I tried on this top in a local store a few weekends ago and loved it!


It was $30 though and that seemed to be a lot to me for a glorified T when I could make my own for much less.   What I didn’t realize is that there are no knit patterns out there for this style!  I found a woven pattern, but it’s all pieced and has no sleeves.


Instead of messing around with that, I decided to try New Look 6415 for a similar look.  Overall, I’m giving it a not quite.  I don’t have the bottom hemmed yet…but I’m not really in love with it.  I was considering just trimming the angle off and making it a normal T.    I need to try it on with some leggings first though.



Happy Sewing!!

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3 Responses to HotPatterns SuperFantastic Top, Cashmerette Appleton and a New Look 6415

  1. Andrea says:

    Great work on everything! Your mom and sister will love the gifts. I really can’t believe there are no patterns like it that T shirt!
    The Appleton looks so tiny. What size did you make? I am wondering if I would fit into in the Appleton size range. I’m usually an 8 in hot patterns tops and a 10 in hot patterns pants. I am interested in how you think the two compare. Does the Appleton run small or large compared with other pattern companies ? Thanks Emily!

  2. Andrea, I think it would work for you just fine! Our sizing sounds similar,plus I’ve posted a pic of the dress on me. I was surprised at how well it fit me!

  3. robbie says:

    Very nice variety of sewing. Love them all.

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