A few short projects

In this post Christmas sewing world, I’ve been focused on quick projects. 🙂  I get a  lot of joy out of making something and then using it right away.

First:  A hat and convertible mittens:


The hat is from Simplicity 2494, one that is likely long out of print.  I used View D here, but previously I had made view B and it was too big. This time I sized down to a small and it fits well.  I think this is a good basic hat pattern and if you were to take out the weaved contracts, it was be a really simple hat.  I would recommend sizing down though.


For the convertible mittens, I used McCalls 4681, a current in print pattern.

I’m kind of ambivalent on these mittens.  They were fiddly to make and they feel small on my hands at the wrist area.  I’m a little disappointed in this pattern.  I know there are some free tutorials on the internet, that I may try.

Following on that, I made the cutest little jewely purse.  This is from so-sew-easy, a site I had never really explored before.  So Sew Easy Pattern Store.  They had a 20 minute tutorial, it looked easy and fun so I figured why not!  It’s awesome and useful too!






20171225_233805 - Copy



Just so you can understand the scale…

It has space for earrings, necklaces, rings, a zippered pocket and other pockets.  I think this is brilliant because I’m always throwing my jewelry in ziplocks or whatnot when I travel.  I liked that this has a place to store your rings too b/c I hate leaving those just sitting out on a hotel nightstand while I go work out or go to the pool.  I love this and it’s a huge winner!  If I need a little gift for someone, this would be PERFECT…and the nice thing about it is that you can really customize it to exactly what you want.  It went together in just a couple of hours too.   I used fabrics from my stash on this one, but it would be super fun to personalize it with special fabrics…you just need to remember to get a coordinating zipper and ribbon if you want to use that touch.

Next up is a vest from an old Burda Mag…I think it was from Oct 2012.


Cute, eh?  I love my old Burda stash!!!   It turned out slightly bigger than I’d like…I didn’t bother with a muslin…but it’s ok.  I like it.

Next up is going to be another similar vest…also from an old Burda mag.


I made a muslin of this yesterday and then I’m going to lengthen it by an inch, but then I think I’m good to go…  My sister gave me some of these seam allowance adder ruler things from etsy for Christmas and they’re a love!  She sent me the 3/8″ and I think I’m going to buy the 5/8″s. SA Curve.  Here’s a pic of them in action.  These definitely make Burda, and my other pattern magazines much easier to deal with.  I’ve used different methods to add the seam allowance in the past, but this is far preferred.


Speaking of Burdas…I’m going to head down to Needle Nook Fabrics here in a minute to pick up the latest…  The Jan and Feb seems to have some really awesome clothes in them!

I’m currently contemplating doing the RTW Fast again…I actually started this blog because of it.  I’m going to think about it.  The thing holding me back is that I’m starting a new job on January 8, and while I think my old stuff will be fine…I just don’t know yet.  But…I do have a ton of clothes in my wardrobe so I should be good to go.  We’ll see.  I have a few more days to decide!

Happy Sewing!

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