What I’ve been up to – Part 2 -Non Jalie Patterns

After the Jalie tour de force yesterday, it’s hard to imagine that I sewed anything else, but I did!  In no particular order, here are some of the other things from 2018.

Butterick 5997 – Someone had spoken very highly of this pattern on PR and I was looking for some easy wearing, woven tops to wear to work on Fridays.  We dress down on Fridays and I wanted something that would look good with jeans.    This pattern really fit the bill and I wore these tops through the spring, summer and fall.  I made the version with the pintucks from view D, but the sleeves from view A.  I made my usual adjustments on this and the fit was great.

20180522_19455720180528_17284720180620_211919 (1)


Hot Patterns 1203 – Kimono Blouson T:  Around that same time, I also made the Hotpatterns Kimono Blouson T out of some silk (!!!!) that I bought from Fabricmart Fabrics.  The top turned out ok, but it just doesn’t get a lot of wear.  It’s just a hair too short and with the silk being so sheer, I have to wear a tank under it.  I’ve found that I’m less likely to wear things where I have to think about layering too.  It’s a cute top though and it’s still in my closet, so maybe I’ll wear it more this year.  I did modify it so the tie is just on one side.  20180409_19525420180421_16300520180421_172852


Hot Patterns Metropolitan Verano Dress – HotPatterns 1138 –  I made a red top from this awhile back and loved it, but the neckline was just a little too low.  I was looking for some easy wearing dresses for work in the spring and decided to try this one again with a neckline adjustment.  On Hot Patterns, I have my adjustments down now and that makes things so much easier.   I wore this dress a lot through the summer, often with little flats.  I’m not a huge fan of this type of sleeve…but it’s ok enough. 20180501_20013420180503_071805

HotPatterns Palazzo Pants – HP 1190 – I made these for our vacation and I LOVE them.  I have fabric to make two more pairs but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  These are the perfect hang out around home pant.   Sometimes you just want comfort!  20180609_150846.jpg

Pamela’s Patterns  New Versatile Twin Set #108 – Early in the spring, I wanted to get some tanks down for work and I chose to start with this pattern.  I made a few samples and I have it down!  I love this tank….it’s just a nice one to wear under cardigans and is fast to sew.  20180303_132930.jpg20180303_13413420180306_170339.jpg

DIBY Moto Pant (DIBY= Do It Better Yourself!)  – This was a new to me pattern company this year. I found they had a moto pant and decided to try it out.  What makes this company different is that they have you take many measurements and then they instruct you how to grade your pattern between the sizes that you need.  I have always had large calves, so this system appealed to me…and it worked!  I can see this working for a garment with some stretch, but I wouldn’t try it for a woven.  During the course of this, I found that my calves are FIVE sizes larger than the rest of me.   But that’s ok b/c I sew!   I made my Jalie leggings after this and I just graded those calves up about 5 sizes.  Simple!  These pants are super cute and I need to make more.  I’m not a huge skinny jeans person, but their grading method worked marvelously for me.  I do need to remember to add a bit more at center back so they come up just a bit higher, but other than that, these are awesome.



Bravo Bra 2 – This is the only true bra that I made all year.   I’ve made the Bravo  Bra 2 before, but sadly, this one turned out a little bit.  I have lost a few lbs, so that could be what caused it.  I still wear it…but there’s some extra fabric in the cups.  My favorite bra pattern is the now Out of print Kwik Sew 2101.  It just works well for me and is the one that I prefer to grab.


McCalls 4926 – I decided to make this work pant early in the year.  This is a nice, solid pattern.  I am pleased with how the pants turned out and I’ve worn them throughout the year.  I’ve lost a little weight since I made them, so they’re a hair too big…but I still wear them. I stitched the lines down the front and I like how easy that makes them to wear.  I really never need to iron these pants..  🙂  20180210_20405920180904_134633-1.jpg

Burda 6829 – My husband had a work to do in the fall and I wanted to make a fancier dress for it (not fancy fancy, but a little fancier than I’d normally wear to work.)  I came across 6929 and decided it was perfect.  First, I made the purple version for his party, then I remade it in a sleeveless crushed velvet version for my holiday party.  This dress was perfect for these occasions and I highly recommend this one.  I had to do some adjustments for my broad shoulders and I also had to raise the neckline a little to where I’d be comfortable.  I LOVE these dresses and this pattern.


Butterick 6361 – I made this cute little pouch for myself in the spring. My old travel pouch was basically falling apart, so it was time for a new one.  I wish this had turned out a smidge larger…but I’ll just make another.  This was a good pattern.


And Finally – my husband’s friend had a baby this year!!!  I made a couple blankets and some burp cloths for them.  The parents love Star Wars, so I went with that along with some traditional baby stuff.  🙂  I’m sure their baby, Finn, will grow up loving Star Wars too.  The blanks are made from a self bound bias tutorial I found on the internet and the burp clothes are from a Kwik Sew pattern.


And that concludes what I’ve made in 2018!!!  There are probably a few things I missed, but those are the highlights.

I’m not sure where 2019 will go.  I have been thinking about doing a RTW fast…I did one a few years back (that’s why I started the blog!!!) and I enjoyed it.  I have so much fabric and patterns and I really do prefer my own clothes, so I may go for it.  I’ve got the day to think about it! 🙂   Shopping hasn’t ever been my thing!

Happy Sewing!



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4 Responses to What I’ve been up to – Part 2 -Non Jalie Patterns

  1. Henny Bron says:

    Really like your posts .

    • Thanks Henny!! I’m planning to write more in 2019. I do enjoy writing them…and it’s helpful to look back if I want to remake things to see what I had to say about it the first time. It kind of acts like my memory! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Lori B. says:

    Wow, so many beautiful garments here! I’ve had my eye on the DIBY moto pants but I was a bit afraid of all those pleats at the knees. Yours look great!

    • Thanks Lori! I’ve become more discerning over the years and I try first to only buy fabric that I love…then when I’m ready to make something, the hard part has already been done. When I first started sewing, I used a lot of fabric that was cheap…I learned that doesn’t work for me because I just never wear those items! For the DIBY moto pants, try them!!!! They’re awesome and enlightening if you you’ve never used their method before. The instructions are voluminous and totally handheld you every step of the way, even going so far as to tell you which way to press seams. Seam pressing instructions to me are the hallmark of a good pattern since I never really know what I’m supposed to do.

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