Jalie 2911 and Kwik Sew 3246

This post wraps up the last of the 2018 Jalie sewing!  I finished my last Jalie 2911 the other day.  It was cut well before Christmas, and I just had it sitting there waiting for me to find the time to stitch it together.  From start to finish, I can have one of these done in just a couple of hours.   It’s another hooded version and I used fleece bought recently from Needle Nook Fabrics in Wichita.


It looks very similar to the one that I made before Christmas, but the fleece is actually a little lighter.  Here’s the side by side.  Trust me…I can use two of these in my wardrobe! 🙂

Furry, soft, and oh so warm!  This is the type of top I live in.  I find that I don’t really wear the hood up that much, but I like having that extra warmth to bundle around my neck if I need it.  I have made the shawl collar version a time or two in the past, but far prefer the hood.

With the leftovers, I stitched up a Teddy Bear for my grandson.  My grandson will be 3 towards the end of January and I’ve been wanting to make him a Teddy Bear for some time now.  He’s at the age where soft and cuddly is good.  I used Kwik Sew 3246 again in the smaller version.


I made a bear for my niece a few years back from this pattern and it turned out super cute.  The pattern is a little fiddly.  Seam allowances are 1/4 inch, but I’ll tell you, a lot of mine ended up being closer to 3/8 and it worked out okay.  Sewing 1/4 inch Seam allowances on fluffy fabric is difficult.  If you’re making a bear for the first time, I’d recommend some nonfluffly fabric for your first go around.  I double stitched all seams to make sure it lasts. We gave him brown eyes to match my grandson’s, I used the tiniest bit of light brown fleece for his nose, and he got a brown grosgrain ribbon from my ribbon collection.  He’s the cutest bear ever!  🙂



Mr. Teddy Bear!

With that, I’m all caught up with my sewing projects!  I’ve been contemplating making my grandson a hat from this Kwik Sew pattern, but I need to get his headsize to make sure it’ll fit him.    The bunny is the one that I was learning toward. 🙂


And for those following along, I have decided to a RTW fast in 2019 again!    I enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I’d sooner sew than go shopping, so it’s a win/win!   There aren’t any major holes in my wardrobe right now, so I’ll just take it as it comes.

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to Jalie 2911 and Kwik Sew 3246

  1. kssews says:

    I already commented on PR 🙂 but this bear is so danged cute!!! I think it’d be fun to make but am wondering what a good substitute fabric would be the first time out. What do you think about a lighter weight french terry??

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