DIBY Cecelia – Crossover top

In case you haven’t heard about DIBY (Do it Better Yourself), it’s a happening site and facebook page where people are encouraged to be crafty and there are patterns for sale.  Who doesn’t love patterns?!   I made their Augusta Moto pant last year and enjoyed their method, and they just recently released the Cecelia, a cross over top.  The patterns are loaded with instructions, and you take several measurements to help you get the right size.  In the case of this top, I used my high bust, full bust, waist, high hip and hip, I think.  In keeping with my normal pear shape, I think I made a 2 at the shoulders, a 6 at the bust and an 8/10 a at the waist and hips.  Here’s the result….


Overall, I’m calling it a winner.  What I liked is that it stayed on my shoulders (a problem I’ve been worried about with tops like this), and it looks current.  I may take in the side seams just a bit more to give it a little bit of waist definition (and to tighten up the overlap a smidge), but really, as is….it’s ok.  I wore it out on Saturday and I felt good in it.  I might even make another one before I put it all away.  I might go for a little drapier fabric next time.   This is a good  top if you want to dip your toes in the DIBY patterns.  It was fast and was simple to put together.

Happy sewing!


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