The Bird Bag – Noodlehead’s Summer Madras Tote

I’ve found that it’s often those goofy, small projects that make me ridiculously happy.  Maybe it’s how minimal effort leads to a great finished item? Or maybe it’s that they tend to use cotton which is super simple to sew?  I’m not really sure, but the goofy, little projects tend to make my heart sing though!  The latest in this line of projects is Noodlehead’s Summer Madras Tote. I’m enrolled in a couple of continuing education classes right now (sign language and floral arranging) and I decided that I needed a bag to carry my books and things.   I looked around at some pattern options and decided on the Noodlehead’s Summer Madras Tote because:  it was the size I wanted, the pattern was simple…but not boring (thank you pocket binding!)…and to make it even better, it was FREE!!!      Here’s the end result…


Isn’t that fabric amazing?  It was a 1 yard remnant that I picked up at Joann’s about a year ago.  I was going to use it to make a pillow for on my deck, but I decided that this was an equally good use.  For the pocket binding, I just used a scrap from a dupioni wrap that I had from my brother’s wedding outfit.  I love how it shows the texture and just adds so much interest.  For the straps, I used the tutorial here from Emmaline Bags: Emmaline Bags Strap Tutorial.  I liked this one because it was simple and you didn’t need interfacing!  There’s really not a lot to say about this bag…to me, it’s the perfect size for library books and things like that and it’s been getting a ton of use.  There’s not a closure on the top…but that was ok with me.   It’s just a casual tote.

In process in the sewing room right now, I have a pair of the Sewaholic Thurlow pants in denim.  I need some comfy wear around the house jeans, and I’m thinking those are it.  After that, my sister requested that I make her some Jalie Pikas since she’s working out more.  I have her fabric ready to go…I just need to get the Thurlows done first.

As for the floral arranging class, here’s the product of my first night!  I’m hooked!  The instructor supplied the flowers and I wasn’t a huge fan of them due to both type and quality, but somehow, it still turned into a nice arrangement.  I’m planning to plant a cutting garden in my yard somewhere this year so I can make lots of arrangements.


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4 Responses to The Bird Bag – Noodlehead’s Summer Madras Tote

  1. -N- says:

    I totally get it when it comes to a simple, all-cotton thing to sew. My favorites, really; I am not a suits or 1800s Regency-type dressmaker. Enjoy it! I sure am!

  2. Andrea says:

    Such a pretty tote bag! It’s great that you are taking continuing education classes. So nice to continue learning!

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