A Tale of Three Pikas (Jalie 3679)

My sister put in a request for some Pikas.  Who doesn’t like to wear fun activewear when working out?  Working out for me isn’t something that I love to do…but it is more fun in my own stuff.  So, of course, I agreed.  Here are the finished Pikas.







Aren’t they fun???  She definitely likes color!  🙂  She lives several states away, but we did a call while I was at the fabric store, so she picked out the overlays.  I matched up the bras/strap fabrics with the overlays.  I think she is going to LOVE these.  All fabrics as far as I can recall are from Needle Nook Fabrics in Wichita. From a construction perspective, I made these exactly like the pattern says to.  My one tip is that when you get to the end and you’re topstiching your bra elastic up, start it from the center front (or center back).  I usually start things like that near a side seam, but then because it shows, you have to be really careful about getting them lined up.  I’m never really careful about anything…so starting somewhere else is smart for me! 🙂

Next up is going to be a Pika for my friend (I’m repurposing a goodwill t shirt) and I think I’ll make another for me at the same time while I have the pattern pulled out.

Happy sewing!

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